How to Cut Thick Glass

Two Methods:Use the Snap MethodUse a Wet Saw

Home projects, like window repairs, often require the cutting of thick glass. While you can pay a professional to cut the glass for you, doing it yourself is much more cost effective. With the right tools and a little patience, knowing how to cut thick glass on your own is a cinch.

Method 1
Use the Snap Method

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    Put on safety gear.
    • As with any project involving glass or other potentially dangerous elements, you should always wear goggles and heavy duty work gloves. Make sure they are of a high quality and are not damaged so as to provide you with optimum protection.
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    Designate where you want the glass to be cut.
    • Use a grease pencil to draw a line on the glass where you want to cut it. If you want to cut a straight line, consider using a ruler or tape measure for accurate results.
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    Prepare the glass cutter.
    • As the name suggests, a glass cutter is a tool specifically designed to cut thick pieces of glass. Before using it, lubricate the blade of the cutter with oil or kerosene. This can be done by rubbing a clean cotton cloth, dampened with the lubricant, along the blade of the cutter.
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    Score the glass.
    • Hold the blade of the tool between your thumb and index finger. Using light pressure, score the glass along the line created earlier.
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    Break the glass
    • A glass cutter, in and of itself, will not be able to break the glass. Once it is scored, however, you can easily snap off the desired piece. Place the scored glass on the edge of a hard surface, such as a work station, making sure that the scored edge of the glass is directly aligned with the edge of the counter.
    • Push down quickly on the part of the glass which is off the work station. It should snap off easily in your hands.

Method 2
Use a Wet Saw

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    Understand the functions of a wet saw.
    • A wet saw is a motorized saw that is often built into a work surface. This saw is used to cut tile, glass, porcelain, and other delicate products. During use, water is sprayed out of the front of the saw to ensure that the blade stays cool.
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    Prepare to cut the glass.
    • Put on the safety gear described above. In addition, use a grease pencil to mark the area on the glass that you wish to remove.
    • Once you've marked the glass, place it on the surface of the wet saw work station. Make sure that the line of the grease pencil is aligned with the blade of the wet saw.
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    Cut the glass.
    • Turn on the wet saw. Make sure that your hands and any loose clothing is away from the blade at this time.
    • Using light pressure, gently push the glass towards the wet saw. Continue until the blade has cut the glass along the entirety of the grease line you drew on the glass.
    • Turn off the wet saw when finished with the job.

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