How to Dance at High School Dances

For a girl, dancing at a High School dance is always not an easy thing, but you can have a great time and enjoy your dance—no matter what clique you're in or how good of a dancer you are.


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    As Nadine Ismail says, no matter how a girl looks, if she's confident, she's cute. So about a week before your dance you need to get some confidence. Take a shower every day, and take time to put on nice smelling lotion, perfumed body powder, and wash your face using cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, and masks. Tell yourself you're pretty, even if you don't believe it because you are. If you don't think you're cute, how will the guy you like think you are?
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    When you dance with a guy just think your dancing with your girl friends, then just take out dirty dancing and your date won't care how you dance.
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    Practice dancing every day a week before the dance, and use slow songs too, to practice dancing close and also fast songs to practice the way you really dance with your friends.
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    Have confidence! The best thing a girl or boy can wear is confidence and a smile. It attracts people to you and you'll have more fun.
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    Get out there and be the one who dances while everyone just stands around.
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    Be calm and collected; you don't want to be too 'wacky' or too boring or it will throw people off!


  • Start out dancing with a group of your friends to build up your confidence and to get you warmed up.
  • After that, it's all fun! Dances are supposed to be a reward, not something to stress you out.
  • If you accept that other people are going to react negatively no matter how good you are, it removes the suspense about whether people will like your dancing or not.
  • Think of the way your body would move if you were dancing with your friends, then just move your body to the beat.
  • Wear your hair down (straighten it or curl it, whichever looks better) so you have something to do with your hands, guys love it when a girl brushes her hair while they're dancing. But bring a hair tie because you will be getting sweaty.
  • Wear jeans and a tank top, or a tube top dress. It'll get sweaty and the last thing you want is pit stains. You could also try a fabric like acrylic that hides staining. Jeans will make sure that guys won't try to lift your skirt up; if you know that your date isn't like that go ahead and wear a dress.
  • If you are the type who makes your own music, give the DJ a CD of the music you make. They'll love you. That might be your big musical debut.


  • Do not dance dirty with a guy if you're uncomfortable with it. Never be pressured into doing something you don't want to do.
  • You do not need a date, in fact its more fun without one because you can meet some cute guys/gals without having someone holding you back from dancing with said guy/gal.
  • If you are really there for the music, expect to be disappointed if they do not play any of the songs you request. Just hope the DJ will be good and will play something decent.
  • If a guy you don't like asks you to dance, just say that you need to look for someone right now, go get a drink of water and go outside where it should be nice and cool with a friend and go back in on the next song. Try to avoid going around him.

Things You'll Need

  • Boys (informal): nice clean tee, Converse, Nikes, Vans, or the like, jeans. Put a little more effort into your hair. don't bring a sweater or a hoodie, you'll be way too hot to wear it.
  • Boys (dressy): nice jeans—no rips, just nice looking and avoid skinny—and a button-down shirt or polo.
  • Boys (semi formal): dress pants and a white, pastel, dark or black button down shirt—with or without a tie.
  • Boys (formal): tuxedo or dark suit.
  • Girls (informal): jeans and flats or Converse with a fitted shirt or tank top.
  • Girls (dressy): short skirt and nice top; T-shirts are acceptable but not preferable.
  • Girls (sem-forma)l: short evening dress.
  • Girls (formal): your prettiest dressy dress, of course.

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