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Three Methods:Basic Dance MovesSlow DancingGrinding/Freaking

So, you're on your way to your first homecoming dance, and you're not quite sure how to move. No worries! This guide will help you out.

Method 1
Basic Dance Moves

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    Master the step-touch. This is probably the most basic dance move of all. This is essentially where you step from side to side, while touching your feet together each time. Here’s how:
    • Step to the right. Then, move your left foot so it's right next to your right foot. Next, do the same thing to the left (step left, then move your right foot next to your left). Make sure to move each foot to the beat. Do this while “bouncing” to the beat — this is when your knees bend slightly to make you “bounce” up and down to the beat. There is a great tutorial in the Video section below.
    • This move is great, because it's very simple, but keeps you in motion. There are very few things that are more awkward than a guy standing still at a dance.
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    Learn a basic groove. Now that you've got the step-touch down, take it up a notch. This is where you lean from side to side, and slightly shrug the shoulders, with a slight bounce.
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    Don’t worry about your hands when you're dancing face-to-face, and just leave them by your side, straight or elbows bent. If your movements are too fast or flamboyant, you may seem frantic or nervous.
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    When in doubt, avoid the crazy dance moves. If you're not quite confident about our funky dance moves, it's probably best to stick to the ones you know. No one will automatically expect you to bust out a b-boy windmill, so don’t worry.
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    Relax. Few things are worse than a very tense dancer. Relax your muscles when dancing, and it will make a world of difference.
    • Humans are very good at picking up on body language cues. So, those around you may notice that you seem stiff and tense. Just relax and move to the beat.

Method 2
Slow Dancing

A slow song comes on, and you have no idea what to do. Don’t worry about it.

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    Approach a girl that you want to dance with, and just say “Do you want to dance?” If she says yes, proceed to the next step. If she says no, just ask another girl.
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    Put your arms around your partner’s waist. Gently rest your hands against her sides, or on the small of her back.
    • Don’t grab her butt. In fact, general butt-touching should be avoided.
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    At this point, she’ll probably put her arms around your neck and move closer. Pull her in so that your bodies are touching, but not squished together. She should be able to rest her head on your shoulder or chest, but still be able to move somewhat. Remember: firm, not squished.
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    Sway side and side to the beat, taking small steps to the left and right. This is all you need to do in terms of movement. Make sure you move exactly to the beat, or you may become off sync with her.

Method 3

Ah, the great mystery of grinding. Don’t worry, this is probably the easiest of them all.

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    If you see a girl you want to dance with, approach her and ask her if she would like to dance. If she says yes and faces her back to you, proceed to the next step. If she refuses, ask someone else.
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    Put your arms on the sides of her waist and pull her so that her backside is touching you. Again: firm, not squished.
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    Move from side-to-side to the beat with your knees slightly bent. Avoid jerky, sudden movements-- try to be as smooth in your side-to-side movements as possible. Having your knees bent will help avoid that, but still be careful.
    • It can help to imagine making a infinity-symbol with your hips-- slight back and forth movements, but mostly smooth side to side motions.
    • Move at each beat, unless the music is too fast. Then, move every two beats.
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    Avoid the wandering hands! If she ever seems tense or uncomfortable by something you've done, ease up. If she seems really offended, apologize.


  • Too scared to ask somebody? You're not the only one. Relax, and take action. You wouldn't want to miss a great opportunity, would you ?
  • Relax! A girl is very unlikely to judge you simply based a lack of dancing technique. Tenseness and nervousness can only hurt your dancing.
  • If you can't find a girl to dance with you, don't worry! Just do the basic moves with a group of friends. Or, if a slow song is playing, simply leave the room to get a drink, or chit chat-- you'll probably find a lot of people doing the same.


  • Don’t be too handsy! This can make a girl feel uncomfortable and offended, which is the last thing you want.
  • Freaking, twerking, and other sexually suggestive dance moves may result in expulsion from the dance, depending on the rules of the venue and the occasion. This is likely to be true if it is a school dance, and it may result in further serious disciplinary action.

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