How to Dance Freestyle

Most people can dance, or at least fake it at parties and in the school gym. But being a dancer and making up your own moves whenever called for is truly a skill. Follow these easy steps to learn how to freestyle dance.


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    Get comfortable with yourself. Get in front of a full length mirror. It's important that you see your whole body. Then, put on your most comfortable clothes (don't worry about what people would think if they saw you in them) and turn the music on. Pick a song that:
    • you like
    • you can dance to easily
    • is at least somewhat popular
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    This is, believe it or not, the hardest part- dance. Just move your body to the music, however it feels right. Don't worry if it looks absolutely ridiculous, which it very well might. Do what you want to the move your entire body to compliment the music. Your moves don't have to be coordinated, match, or make sense, just dance. Jump around to that cool song in your PJ's for hours if you have to. Just get comfortable with dancing.
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    Get to know the song if you don't already. Try to have a pretty good idea of the beat and lyrics of the song so you know when it gets slower, faster or when to come in or fade out, or do something crazy. Listen to the song a few times and get familiar with it. Dance some more.
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    Put together a few moves. You can have three or four or maybe just one move that's totally yours. They should go with the music and feel natural when you're dancing to them. For beginners, consider making your first few moves include snaps and/or claps. This can help you stay steady and on beat- it's an established fact. You can throw in these moves once in a while when they fit in and when you're stuck.
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    Make big transitions during a freestyle dance. Like one minute you've got your hands doing some cool thing above your head, then you swing them around and you're moving your hips. Use different levels of dancing and make it interesting.
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    Have inspiration. Watch dance shows or professional dancers. Do not copy their dance moves, but they should give you ideas on how to come up with your own and move to the music.
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    Have fun with it! Wherever you are and you're expected to dance, go back to Step 2 and remember: make it feel natural and with the music. Connect with the music. Connect with the crowd. Have confidence and just move your body.


  • Don't go right into the kicks and flips in freestyle. Move your body first and then get into the more complicated stuff.
  • Sometimes it's easier to freestyle with a partner.


  • Don't be too extreme with the dancing as you begin.
  • Before you start doing any major moves or break dancing, be sure to stretch.
  • Don't completely copy anyone else 's moves, but it's alright to draw some inspiration from them.
  • Don't get too competitive. Remember, its just freestyle.

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