How to Dance in Public

Dancing in public isn't just a skill, but an activity that's enjoyable. Most of us are too shy to dance with thousands of eyes on us. You look at this flamboyant woman flaunting her moves on the dance floor and you wish you were her, but you're way too shy to go out there and dance the way you'd dance at home when you're all by yourself.

Say 'Goodbye' to shyness and 'Hello' to the new you! To learn how to dance in public, here are a few steps to try out.


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    Practice dancing at home: Watch videos on YouTube and try to imitate dancers. You don't have to be perfect. You're just an ordinary person trying to dance! There are a lot of videos that teach you to dance step by step.
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    Take dance lessons if you have to:There are tons of people out there who dance flawlessly and are willing to pass their passion ahead. There are so many dance academies, too.
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    Wear clothes that complement your body: Dancers were clothes that suit them completely and give their body a texture. Pick out clothes that best fit you.
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    Be confident: If you're not confident, you ain't going nowhere. Empower yourself. You're the best person you could be! You're perfect just the way you are. Dance as if you're dancing for a million dollars. Dance as if you're a dancer from 'So you think you can dance.'
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    Think 'tall, flexible and sexy': Being carefree is an important ingredient for creating an awesome dancer. Screw the world! You're dancing for yourself. You'll be okay, I promise! You're the epitome of sexiness when you're dancing.
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    You're the only person around: Dance as if you're all alone in your room. Be crazy, silly, fun-loving! Be yourself when you're dancing and you're good to go!
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    The music is playing for you: Blend in with the music. Rock out to the tune! Move your hands, your hips, your everything! Just dance!♫ ♪
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    Signature steps: Some dance moves, you just can't resist. If you dance initiate a signature step, people are gonna follow you. It's an amazing way to dance. During DJ parties, I and my friends usually do the HORSE STEP from 'Gangnam Style'. We all love GANGNAM STYLE, don't we?


  • Twirl your hips a lot. It's fun!
  • Don't worry. Dancing is no 'Rocket Science'.
  • You're not embarrassing yourself at all!
  • The dance floor is your God when you're dancing. Worship it with your banging moves!

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