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Three Methods:Laying the GroundworkSexing it UpGetting Inspired

Spicy. Steamy. Sexy. Reggaeton. This hot Latin dance music with roots in hip-hop, salsa and reggae requires a spicy mix of sensual moves and supreme confidence. You've got what it takes to dance reggaeton--you just have to let it loose. Here on for some ideas of how to set yourself free on the dance floor.

Method 1
Laying the Groundwork

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    Work on flexibility. Reggaeton is a sensual dance performed without physical restraint. That's why you need to be flexible to dance reggaeton, so plan to stretch and warm up your body daily. Women need to be especially certain that they work on increasing flexibility in the hips. The good news is, you don't need to spend a lot of time at the gym to work on your hip flexibility; there are simple exercises you can do just by changing the way you walk around your house.
    • The Fence. While walking, swing each leg out as if stepping over a fence
    • Pendulums. Swing your leg so that you kick out 90 degrees forward and then all the way back to 90 degrees behind your body like a pendulum.
    • The Sprinter Warm-Up. While walking, lift each leg up to your chest just like a a sprinter would when warming up prior to a race.
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    Listen to the music. Getting familiar with the music of top reggaeton artists will help you become familiar with the rhythm and beat that dominates reggaeton.
    • Pick up the "Barrio Fino" album by Daddy Yankee, one of the best known reggaeton artist. Get into some of his hits, which include "La Gasolina," "Lo que pasó, pasó," and "Tu Príncipe."
    • Explore a variety of reggaeton artists such as Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Zion and Tony Dize.
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    Learn some lyrics. When you know the words to a song, you can participate in the scene whether you're dancing or not. If you get a little lost on the dance floor or want to take a break, jump in and sing along with the music.
    • Reggaeton lyrics are catchy and easy to remember and include lots of slang and expressions embraced by the younger generation.
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    Release your inhibitions. Reggaeton is a shared, sensual dance experience and the line between private and public blur as everyone shares his or her dancing with everyone around them. Get comfortable with closeness and with flaunting your sexuality.
    • If you're a woman, try engaging in activities that get you in touch with your body before heading out for a night of dancing--long, scented bubble baths, yoga or stretching exercises or an indulgent nap between soft, luxurious sheets.
    • If you're man, do some things that you find helps your confidence before you go dancing--lift weights, shoot hoops or play a video game you're good at.
    • Plan to go reggaeton dancing with your corillo, that is, a small group of close friends. It's very common in the reggaeton scene for cliques and crews to show up and dance together.

Method 2
Sexing it Up

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    Dance perreo. A classic Reggaeton dance move is often referred to as "perreo," which means "doggie" and refers to the move's explicit sexual overtones. The man stands behind the woman and both grind their hips and shoulders in time to the music, imitating a dog's sex act.
    • When you dance perreo, it's important to keep in constant body and skin contact with your dance partner. Rubbing and rubbing up against each other conveys strength, warmth, energy and desire.
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    Prepare for rivalry. When it comes to men, much of reggaeton is about posturing and machismo. For women, it's about desire and turning on and being turned on by your dance partner.
    • If you're a man, seek out a rival and join him in dancing with a woman. One of you should dance in front of her, the other behind. Do your best to out dance your rival and use your sexuality to woo the woman.
    • If you're a woman, take turns dancing with both of your dance-floor suitors. When the dance is over, choose the one who did the best job of making you sweat.
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    Dress the part. It doesn't matter what your body type is when you dance reggaeton; that really counts is a fashionable outfit.
    • If you're a woman, it's all about showing off your best assets. Tight pants and tops that display rather than conceal the body are the norm. Dress in a way that makes you feel sexy and is likely to attract a guy's attention. Don't worry if you have a little extra weight around your hips; "love handles" are considered desirable.
    • If you're a guy, go for well-known brands. You can even pull off an imitation of knock-off brand if it has a big, flashy logo. Also popular are loose, baggy shirts with the names of North American football and basketball teams. A pair of huge sneakers, caps, sunglasses and backpacks are all accessories that add a flair of authenticity to your look.

Method 3
Getting Inspired

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    Take a dance class. There are reggaeton dance classes where you can learn the moves from experienced instructors who'll teach you how to swing your hips, step your feet and exude the sexuality that makes reggaeton such hot fun.
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    Watch "Dirty Dancing." Instead of focusing on the stars of the film, pay attention to the background dancers when they cut loose after hours dancing in the bungalows where they bunk. The way they grind their hips, touch each other suggestively and dance very, very close is the style you want to copy when you're dancing reggaeton.


  • Practice at home in front of a mirror or a friend...(just to have some fun and to see how it feels like dancing reggaeton so you wont be scared next time)


  • Don't embarrass yourself and shake it too much.
  • Try not to show that you are nervous.
  • Be careful of dancing too sexy with your boyfriend it may lead to other things.

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  • Good reggaeton music (Try R.K.M. y Ken-y, Daddy Yankee, Wisin and Yandel, Don Omar, Alexis y Fido or Arcangel)

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