How to Dance Tahitian

Have you ever been to a Polynesian show and watched as the female dancers moved their hips in circles at a crazy fast speed? Do you want to know how they do it? It's actually very simple.This Tahitian Dance is called 'Tamure'.


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    Bend your knees a lot in every movement and keep your shoulders still.
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    Push your hips out in a very smooth circle from the left to the back then right and front. This should be continuous... We call this first step Ami. Slow and smooth big circles... Now try it to the right
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    Tairi Tamau. Bend knees and again STILL shoulders. Push your right knee back causing your right hip to softly jut out to the right. Now the left knee causing your left hip to jut out to the left. Alternate Left, right, left, right smooth not sharp.
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    Tairi Tama. This is very similar to step 3 but its' sharp movements and can become faster. Snap your right and then left knee back making hips to snap left and right. Keep shoulders still and knees bent. Drop body low.
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    Varu is fun! It is a figure 8. Slow and smooth push your right hip out to the front and around to the right then back right into the left hip moving forward around to the left and back then right again in a continuous figure 8 with hips.
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    Otamu is a BOX. Snap your hip to the front right then back right then left back and left front. Pretend you are standing in a box. Your hips should hit each corner one at a time. 1,2,3,4!
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    Now for the most important and difficult step. Fa'arapu! This is the very fast impressive move you gawk at when you watch a Luau. Everyone has a naturally more comfortable direction that their hips naturally like to move in. My hips love to go clock-wise but counter clock-wise is very difficult for me. So begin AGAIN by bending your knees and Keeping Shoulders very still. Push hips out in a smooth Circle (AMI) then go faster and faster and faster. Try the other direction. make sure your circle is consistent all the way around and you are not jutting your bottom out or favoring one side. Keep practicing!!
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    Now try all steps on your tip toes! This is called TEKI (tay-kee)
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    Now bend your knees so your bottom is just above your heels and do all steps. This is TEFINE (Tay-fee-nay)

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