How to Deal With Break Ups and Turn Downs

Ever liked that certain someone and thought, hoped, and prayed they liked you back? Ever asked or had your friends ask him to go out with you and been shot down and felt that you would never be happy again? Well you will and here are some tips on how!


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    The day that you get turned down, take a bath with some pretty scented flower petals such as rose petals or daisy petals. Having some sweet smelling candles like Vanilla, or fresh cotton is a good bonus. Turn on your radio and just relax. Maybe if you are still feeling down that weekend, go out on a shopping spree with your friends and grab a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant, or play your favorite sport. Anything to make you feel better.
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    Try to get over him or her! He or she doesn't know what they missed out on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Know that you are beautiful. One day, you're going to meet someone who's a caring, sweet person that likes you for who you are. Hopefully then you'll realize that the other person who broke your heart was a jerk who doesn't have a lot since they turned down such a nice, beautiful human being.
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    Know that friends are there to help you. So is family. Don't tune anyone out. Then you'll feel like you're all alone in this situation and that will make you feel worse. If you let your feelings out, you'll realize you're not alone.
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    Get confident. As long as you know you're sweet, charming, funny, and cute, other people's opinions shouldn't count, so don't let them bother you or change you.
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    Go and relax life will move on just because one guy/girl doesn't want to be with you doesn't mean that other wonderful people don't either. So get back on your feet and just try again


  • After you break up with someone, you're not going to be the happiest person ever. Talk to your friends about it, don't get angry and start hating that person, try to be friends with them, they may start liking you again.
  • When you break up, of course you'll be heartbroken and maybe angry but know that before you try to get revenge or be immature like that, you might ruin a change of him maybe coming back to you.


  • Don't try to plan revenge on that person. That will make you feel worse. And don't threaten him to go out with you. Then you would know the love wasn't true and then he would be afraid of you.

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