How to Deal with Your Boyfriend Being Uninterested

It can be frustrating when you know he's not looking at you. It can be hard to make it work when he pushes you away...Well, sometimes it is unfortunately the fact that he's not interested. And other times it means that you're not trying hard enough-Here's how to tell the difference...


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    Firstly, don't think negative as sometimes it's not always what it seems. Filling your head with the idea that he's not interested when he looks over your shoulder doesn't help, it only makes it worse as your accusations get stronger...Then the cards are switched and he thinks that YOU are the one that's not interested...
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    If you are talking to him and he isn't looking at you, turn around slowly and gently (do it like this so that he doesn't understand your intention) try to look in the direction he is following and see what he's looking at. If it's a girl then you might have a problem...
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    When you try any romantic gestures and he tenses up or moves away, this could be the result if two things: 1.)He might be nervous, maybe you're going too fast and he's not ready? 2.)He could feel bored of these interactions and is preventing the feeling of guilt-is he already moving on?(Tip: if he is bored and he asks you to change yourself in any way or have sexual contact and you aren't ready, it is best to tell him this and move away a little bit...)
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    Try changing the little, temporary things. For example: get a new (but not extreme) hairstyle, try some different make-up, maybe you could buy a new outfit? All of these things should make him notice you a bit more, he should look at you for a while and then say something along the lines of: "Hey, you look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you" or "I love the new look-it brings out those stunning eyes of yours" I'm afraid that if he doesn't make any comments or doesn't look at you at hasn't worked...=(
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    The final step is to have the "little talk" with him. Ask him if he's really interested, ask him if there is anything you could improve in the relationship (again, any extreme ideas that make you in any way uncomfortable should be ignored) and ask him if there is anything he needs to say...If he fidgets a lot or looks around the room, don't get nervous because it might feel really intimidating or embarrassing to talk about this. His words should give you the answer- and if it is not the answer you were hoping for i am very sorry, leave me a message and I'll help you through it =)


  • Don't change yourself, it's not worth it (he should love you for you)
  • Don't make it straight out clear that you are trying to find out if he is interested, he could end up feeling hurt or humiliated :/
  • Consider the feelings of his and other people you as well as your own!
  • Don't get too extreme or obsessed over this little test, and consider your well-being (feelings, health and social life) when carrying it out!


  • Don't just accuse people because in the end, you could lose a lot of good friends and instead make a lot of bad enemies...
  • Don't hurt or blame yourself if he doesn't like you, it's not your fault if he doesn't know what he wants!
  • Be careful of your actions, if he asks you to do something that you don't feel comfortable doing, don't feel pressured to do so. You should be smart and understand that if he does try to force you then he doesn't love you, any serious issues can be reported to these helpful organisations: childline,NSPCC,and Ce-op. Search any internet browser for their websites and phone lines-they are there to help you =)

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