How to Decide if You Need a File Compression Program

A file compression program is designed to greatly reduce the amount of bits and bytes in a file, making it a more manageable size for storage and for data transfer via the Internet. Such a program works by eliminating redundancies in order to compress files into a coded format, to later be expanded by the same program. The process of compression results in what are called ZIP files, and the process of expanding a ZIP file is generally referred to as "unzipping" a file. All file compression software is made to accept and work with the following formats: Word and Excel docs, photos, music, executable files, PDF, rich text, PowerPoint and many more. If you are interested in managing and storing your computer data more efficiently, then follow these steps for how to decide if you need a file compression program.


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    Ask yourself if you would benefit from the following file compression program uses:
    • Save money. Instead of spending money on flash drives, disks and extra computer memory in order to store all of your data, you can compress files and store information in much less space.
    • Transmit files faster over a slower Internet connection. If you have a slow Internet connection and you've ever tried to download a video or image from the Internet, you know that it can take a considerable amount of time and can sometimes even freeze your operating system up, making it impossible to use your computer during the download.
    • Manage and organize archives. If you have a lot of data that you want to store, but that you know you won't be using for a long time, creating ZIP files and storing and/or transferring them all to one place is a great way to manage your data and your space.
    • Preserve hard disk space. If you must download and store a bulk of information, it will take up your computer's memory and eventually result in a slow-moving, inefficient operating system. Using a file compression program frees up your computer's memory by preserving much-needed hard disk space.
    • Send large amounts of information via email. Email programs often have limits regarding the amount of data you can attach and send in 1 email message. Attaching ZIP files allows you to send much more data via email, and at a faster rate.
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    Search for file compression program reviews online. There are several websites that provide a side-by-side comparison of the numerous programs available.
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    Read over the program features, including cost and ease of use.
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    Determine if the cost of the program is worth the benefit you would get from using it, and if you are willing to put the necessary effort into learning how to use a program to create and unzip ZIP files.


  • If you are purchasing a new computer, ask if it comes with file compression software. Most Microsoft computers come with the popular WinZip ZIP file extraction program already installed on them.

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