How to Decide Whether to Baptize a Baby

The answer to this question lies within you. Ultimately, the decision lies with the parents. But the real problem could be that you are associated with fanatics, who are convinced that a child can only be saved by baptizing them at birth. And they might put pressure on you. If you still want to keep peace with them, but it doesn't feel like the right thing to do (which you probably have, since you are reading this article) you have to make up your mind what is more important to you.


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    Find your point-of-view: be honest to yourself. If you are not undecided you need to find arguments for and against your decision.
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    Take your opinion to other people involved. This is the most important (and maybe most difficult) part: you should also talk to people where you are convinced that you will learn nothing new. Because all to often, we are proven wrong at that. First, you could consider all people involved, no matter how loosely connected they are. Maybe you could write it on a piece of paper listing them from more important to you and your child to less significant. Here is a list of people you might want to consider:
    • the other parent
    • your family
    • mothers always have a central role in any family-unit
    • the other parent their family
    • your fellow church-members and friends
    • your child. Because this is a decision you will make that he will live with.
    • Most importantly (please do not forget this one) is you yourself
    • It might be (or seem to you) that some of those people on your list are very "stubborn" in their opinion. The most important thing is that you keep your mind open, i.e. that the real barrier to find an answer to this question could be in your head.
    • Now you can think about how much every involved person is going to like and dislike both decisions. Try to look at it from different point-of-views.
    • Now it is all really up to you. If it so happens that your list gives you a clear tendency to one decision (which is great, because it will give you an idea) please do not accept that as the definite answer.
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    Tell all involved honestly and respectfully your opinion. And always keep in mind that this is one of the most important decisions for your child.
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    Make the final decision and roll with it.


  • You may want to think according to the "Greatest Happiness-Principle" in matters like this. This philosophy states that your decision should be based on where more people get happier than by another decision.


  • If you followed this little mind-game, you have made use of the "Utilitarian" philosophy, a highly criticized way of life. Do not just accept the answer as the absolute truth.

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