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Your bicycle is a fun and economical way to get around. Decorating your bike can make it one of a kind to look at as well as safer. There are various ways to do this and items to add to make yours unique. Besides giving your ride a personalized touch some additions such as lights and sound can make your bike safer to ride


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    Make sure your bike is the right size for you and that you'll like it enough to keep it a while.
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    Add reflective buttons or spoke lights as a starter. These help you be seen farther away and are especially useful for dusk and night riding. Get Noticed.
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    Consider multi-colored spoke decorations: You may do this with pipe cleaners, Colored straws sliced the long way to attach them or specially made spoke color additions # Make your carry basket your own style. Use an old metal gymnasium locker basket, for example. Try a basket on the front and/or the back. Plastic crates work well. But, do not use a milk carton carrier which belongs to a business unless you want the image of disrespecting private property. Support your own habit with a basket purchased from a Storage Store.
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    If you want to add movement while you are riding try a pinwheel or streamers that wave and wiggle as you glide down the street.Be sure to fasten securely so that it does not fly off during the ride. Consider Velcro if you wish to remove it when bike is locked.
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    A voluntary bell is a safety addition that can alert walkers and other bicyclists to your presence. Some horns may be loud enough to alert nearby cars. Another idea is attaching involuntary bells, as in they dangle and ring as you ride. This creates a pleasant chime or ice cream truck sound and is not as startling when the biker overtakes pedestrians. This different sound may cause a secondary alert reaction. Pedestrians would be the primary ones to hear then look. As automobile drivers look, they would be the secondary observers. If cars see you they will likely not run into you. Get Noticed.
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    Various sizes and kinds of bells or cards add different kinds of pitch and level to the clinking or rat-a-tat-tatting from your wheels. Get Noticed. Stay Safe.
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  • Making your bike unique can add enjoyment and identification to your bike. This might make it less interesting for someone else to steal, especially if you've spray painted it funny colors.
  • Always use a lock. Loop the chain/cord through as many parts of your bike as possible: back wheel, frame, chain, front wheel. Conversely, don't hold so tightly to your bike that you would be crushed if someone took it. It is a Thing.


  • Consider getting the emergency sticker for the outside of your helmet that alerts EMT to contact information inside the helmet. This is in case of an accident so they don't have to rifle through your personal belongings to find out who you are. In some locations EMTs are not permitted to look through your things.
  • Reflectors, lights, helmets, wrist pads, and horns are a basic part of your ride safety.

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