How to Decorate Your Home

Two Methods:Making Big ChangesAdding Decorative Details

A new home is a blank canvas; you get the opportunity to transform each and every room into a personality filled space that you'll adore. Whether you're tired of your old space or you're moving into a new one, decorating it is imperative to adding coziness and charm. Try changing up large aspects of your home along with incorporating small details, for the best results.

Method 1
Making Big Changes

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    Paint your walls. If you live in a rented space, this might not be an option for you. However, if you’re able to, painting the walls in your house can be one of the quickest ways to freshen up the look and add a bit of interest. Choose a color that complements your personality and fits your space. If you’re bubbly and fun, consider a golden yellow or bright green. Calm and collected? A shade of gray or blue might be more your pace. Paint isn’t permanent, so feel free to experiment with colors until you find a look you love!
    • Don’t be afraid to try several colors spread throughout your home; although you don’t want many different bright colors, painting each room a different color is totally appropriate.
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    • Although it’s not as in style as it used to be, you can apply wallpaper on an accent wall to add a bit of pattern, if you want. There are even wall decals that act like wallpaper but are removable, if you’re afraid of the permanence of it.
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    • If you’re not ready to paint one whole room (let alone your house!), try adding an accent wall. This is when you paint just a single wall in a room, typically one that gets a lot of attention, a bright or cheery color that matches your décor.
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    Try out new furniture. Furniture is arguably the most important aspect of decorating; if you’re short on furniture or have been using the same pieces for many years, consider bringing some new furniture into your home. Choose comfortable pieces in colors and styles that match your personality. Don’t be afraid to try something other than what the store model has set up; furniture that truly shows your personality will fit in your space better than boring floor model furniture you pick up because it is on sale.
    • Don’t be afraid to buy used furniture from thrift stores; it is easy to repaint and reupholster these to match your space.
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    • Mix and match furniture rather than using only matching sets; you’ll end up with a more unique look, and probably save some money in the process.
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    Use decorative storage. Whether you’re incredibly organized or a bit of a hoarder, nearly everyone has stuff that needs to go into storage. Rather than shoving it under a bed or in the back of a closet, try using decorative storage instead. Look for ottomans that store things in their hollow centers, entertainment centers with doors, and large bookshelves and hutches to hold your knickknacks. By using storage that’s attractive, you kill two birds with one stone.
    • Cover shoeboxes in fabric or spray-paint store-bought storage crates to create sophisticated solutions to your storage problems.
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    • Book cases can be used to store nearly anything, aside from books. Consider placing one in your kitchen to hold dishes or in your living room for assorted decorations.
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    • When you buy new furniture, look for pieces that have hidden storage available.[1]
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    Refurbish old furniture and accents. If you don’t have enough money to buy new furniture for your apartment, give your current furniture a makeover. In a kitchen or bathroom, try painting the cabinets a new color or staining them. Use cheap fabric to reupholster your couches or chairs, and try a stain on your floors to change the color. Wood accents (on edges of furniture, the windowsills, trim, doors, etc.) can be painted or stained a bold new color. If nothing else, try moving your furniture into new locations and see the difference it makes on their appearance.

Method 2
Adding Decorative Details

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    Hang up some artwork. Nothing does more for a space than filling the walls with artwork, prints, and posters. Choose a selection of artwork and prints in complementary colors and themes; think nature photography, paintings, concert posters, favorite quotes, etc. Head to a local thrift store or the clearance rack of a department store and pick up some picture frames that match the sizes of your artwork. Then, hang your prints all over your home. A bare wall is a boring wall, so try to have at least a few large pieces and a few small pieces of art displayed throughout your house.
    • Keep in mind that you can paint your picture frames to match your artwork or furniture.
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    • You can purchase incredibly cheap prints of famous paintings online, making it easy to add lots of art to your home.
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    Add your favorite pictures/memories. To make your house truly idiosyncratic and appealing, add framed photos of your favorite memories, trips, people, and locations. You can print large photographs from different experiences throughout your life to hang as centerpieces on your walls, or you can print small versions to place in standing frames around your house. People will love seeing your home filled with your favorite pictures, and you’ll always have good things to be reminded of while you sit and relax.
    • You can find cheap picture frames for your photos at thrift stores, which can then be painted to match the interior of your house.
    • Try hanging your photographs with assorted artwork in your home in a gallery display. This will allow you to showcase lots of your favorite pieces at once, and add a more personal touch than just paintings might do.
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    Add floating shelves. Floating shelves are small rows of shelves that are attached directly to your wall, allowing you to hang prints and photos around them. These are great for placing small decorative items and knickknacks on. Add glass bottles/vases of flowers, trinkets, things you’ve collected from your travels, and other pretty things to the shelves that match your interior decorating. These are also a great way to showcase art and photos without filling your walls with holes to hang them up.
    • Floating shelves are great for decorating a bathroom and allowing you to store towels and the like with a small amount of space.
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    • Try using floating shelves in your kitchen to store cookbooks and pretty glassware/china.
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    Use creative lighting. Generic light covers and shades may come with your home, but they typically lack interest and personality. Mix up your lighting by purchasing new, more decorative options. Look for items to work as your primary light source that match the general style of the room, but that aren’t too bold. Small interesting lamps can be interspersed throughout your home to add light and flare to your style. If you’re interested in DIY, you can purchase old lamps and shades from a thrift store and spray paint or cover them in fabric for a fresh new look.
    • If you’re using multiple lights in one room, try to vary the sizes, colors, and shapes of the lamps (unless they’re a matching set).[2]
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    • You can never have too much light, so don’t be afraid of using several light fixtures in a single room or a small area.
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    Hang up some new curtains. Curtains are one of the most underused style tools in decorating a home. With just a bit of carpentry work, you can install curtain rods and add lovely curtains that match your furniture perfectly. Look for curtains that have plenty of color or pattern to brighten up your room. If you’re working in a space you’d like to keep dark (like a bedroom), you can add room-darkening curtains or drapes in dark hues to block out light. If you’re trying to make a space look bigger, add light colored and textured curtains.
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    Look for matching rugs. The purpose of rugs is dual in nature: cover up unattractive or dirty flooring and add interest and pattern to your floor. Look for rugs to fill up the empty spaces in your home; these will make your house seem full of furniture even when it's a bit bare. Find rugs in colors and patterns that match your décor (or go with it; too much ‘matching’ might look boring). Rugs can be places in nearly every room of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom, so don’t be afraid of getting several!
    • You can purchase cuts of carpet and have them finished to create your own rug for your home, for cheap.


  • Try adding interesting details like houseplants, or changing out doorknobs, for subtle changes that make a difference.

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