How to Defeat an Internet Troll

Ever gotten into an argument with a person on the Internet, who merely tries to annoy you? They are called trolls, and their only purpose is to wreak havoc and annoy people. This article will help you to deal with them.


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    Try to ignore the troll. Often, just ignoring the troll will make him/her know that no one cares about his trying to pester, and will change the chat or lobby to annoy them.
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    Mute the troll. If the chat has a mute/ignore option, use it. It can be quite helpful because it gets rid of the messages the troll sends.
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    Don't try to argue back. Trolls may often be truly strange, and will change the subject from e.g. "Your dog is a noob." to "I think that plastic bag of yours was pathetic.". Trolls can't usually be predicted, but sometimes they can.
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    Ask a person with more power to deal with him/her. This includes moderators, administrators etc. people that hold powers to ban/silence the trolls.


  • If you are a regular chatter in multiple chat rooms, change chats if the troll annoys you that much.
  • Ask people that have more power to help you.
  • Mute trolls that annoy you.
  • Troll the person back if you are sure that you'll win the argument.


  • Trolls are common in chat rooms/forums, so be prepared.
  • It's often recommended that a troll should not be trolled back, as their randomness can be difficult to follow.

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