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Three Methods:Preparing the NecessitiesPreparing YourselfMob Slaying

As a survival game called Don’t Starve, you’re contractually obliged to kill things to eat, and while rabbits are good, they’re not as good as larger game. Sometimes, you also have to kill things trying to kill you. In any case, while avoiding things is necessary early on in the game, killing things is what will keep you alive and well-stocked for prolonged survival. While this seems like a daunting concept for such a ridiculously punishing game, it’s actually not that hard once you know how to prepare yourself.

Method 1
Preparing the Necessities

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    Make your tools. You need a pickaxe and an axe to gather some of the required materials to survive. They’re both available through the Tool tab (crossed axe and pickaxe icon). Axes cost 1 each of Twig (gathered from dried-out bushes scattered in the world) and Flint (sharp-looking rock that’s scattered everywhere in the game), while pickaxes cost 2 each of the same materials.
    • To use tools, select it by right-clicking on the tool (PC), tapping and choosing the Equip option (iOS) or scrolling to it with the right analog stick and pressing the right button of the D-pad (PS4). Go up to the tree (axe) or boulder (pickaxe) and hold down the left mouse button (PC), tap and hold (iOS), or press the X button (PS4) to wear them down into gatherable materials.
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    Gather the necessary materials. Now that you have your tools, get going and get gathering! Make sure you chop down some trees for Logs since they’re vital for creating a Science Machine. Gathering some Rocks from boulders is also a priority, both for the Science Machine and also for other creations. Gathering Cut Grass from tufts of long grass poking from the ground is also vital for campfires and torches.
    • Rocks can be found scattered everywhere, much like flint, but are less common and are more abundantly found from mining boulders.
    • Everything initially gathered, save for Logs, can stack up to 40 per inventory slot. Logs stack up to 20.
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    Create a Science Machine. You’ll need a Science Machine to create the necessary items for your survival. A Science Machine costs 1 Gold Nugget, 4 Logs, and 4 Rocks, and is the very first crafting station you can make.
    • You can gather Gold Nuggets by trading Meats to the Pig King (if he’s available in the current world), mining yellow-streaked boulders (which are predominantly found in Rockylands), or by finding them scattered around Graveyards.
    • Before you craft a Science Machine, make sure that the area is where you’ll be camping permanently, since once you place the Science Machine, it cannot be moved and carried around.

Method 2
Preparing Yourself

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    Make a Spear. Spears cost 1 Rope, 1 Flint, and 2 Twigs, and are first crafted through the Science Machine’s Fight tab, which is represented by a crossed swords icon. This is the first true weapon of the game and is rather efficient when it comes to killing early-game mobs. Equipping it is identical to equipping your tools: select your item then equip it with right click or the right direction button.
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    Make armor. You’ll be needing some armor to go with your Spear if you want to survive this ordeal. While armor won’t completely repel damage, it lessens it greatly and would help keep you from losing too much health.The two most efficient armors available early on is the Grass Suit and the Log Suit.
    • Grass Suits can be crafted at the very beginning of the game and costs 10 Cut Grass and 2 Twigs. You equip them the same way you did with your tools and spear.
    • Log Suits require the Science Machine to make the first time, and costs 8 Logs and 2 Ropes.
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    Stock on healing items. Once you’re done arming yourself, take stock of what healing items you can craft and gather so that, in case of emergencies, you can heal yourself if the enemies breach your defenses. Stockpiling Butterfly Wings, Spider Glands, and Mosquito Sacs is a good tactic, but taking some Jerky with you, cooking food in your Crock Pot, and making Healing Salves will be better off in the long run, as long as you have the right resources.
    • Healing Salves cost 2 Ashes (obtained from extinguished Campfires), 1 Rock, and 1 Spider Gland. It heals for 20 Health, compared to the 8 Health healed by the Spider Gland.
    • To make Jerky, you'll need to make a drying rack first, which is made with a Science Machine and requires 3 Rope, 3 Twigs, and 2 Charcoal. Upon creating a Drying Rack, you can then place a piece of Meat of any kind, including Frog Legs, Batilisk Wings, and Monster Meat, by approaching the rack and using the left mouse button, tapping the screen, or X to place the meat. After a few days you'll have your Jerky ready for consumption!
    • Charcoal can be obtained by burning down Trees. You can do this by making a Torch, equipping it, then right-clicking on the trees. Each burned tree can be chopped down with an Axe to get 1 Charcoal.

Method 3
Mob Slaying

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    Know the mob types. Now here comes the fun and dangerous bit! There are three major kinds of mobs in the game: Passive, Neutral, and Hostile. Hostile mobs are the most dangerous, since once they see you, they will start attacking you. Neutral mobs tend to fight back if you attack first, and Passive mobs run away if you get too close and don’t fight back at all.
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    Observe before you attack. Each mob has their own individual behavioral patterns. For example, Butterflies and Rabbits are both passive mobs, but Rabbits are harder to kill since they don’t stray from their homes and flee quickly. Butterflies just flutter around faster than you, but are easier to kill because they settle on flowers for a few seconds, leaving them open to attack.
    • Beefalo and Bees are neutral mobs, and they both attack in groups once you attack one of them. Beefalo are stronger and have certain days where they are extremely hostile, signified by their inflamed red bottoms.
    • Spiders wander around at dusk and night, and are somewhat neutral until you’re much too close.
    • Tallbirds are persistent, and Hounds spawn every couple of weeks. There’s a lot more here to discuss, but as long as you keep an eye on Mob behavior and stay cautious, you’ll fare off better when you decide to attack.
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    Get to know their attack patterns. Different mobs have different attack patterns and quirks— Frogs knock things out of your inventory, Red Hounds explode after death, and Tall birds are highly aggressive, walk fast, hunt you down longer, and peck hard enough to kill weaker characters. Some mobs pause for a second before they attack, some can’t be stun-locked, and some kite around you while they attack. Time your hits well, observe your target’s attacks and abilities, and you’ll be able to outsmart and outfight them.
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    Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Hostile and Neutral mobs tend to attack you as a group if you agitate them too much, which can spell death even for the most prepared players. There are many tactics to avoid being mobbed by Mobs, but as long as you play it safe and play it smart, you won’t die from being attacked by ten Beefalo at once.
    • Try and lure individual targets away from the group by hitting only one of them, then running as far away as you can. The one you attacked will follow you long after the others do, and if you lead them far enough away, you won’t be in too much trouble.
    • Smaller mobs, when attacked, can be “stun-locked” when you attack continuously. Stun-locking is a game phenomena where a mob stops moving for a few moments after they are attacked and tend to stay still for each consecutive attack, and is extremely exploitable that way. Simply holding auto-attack (F on PC, square on console, the fist icon on the iOS version) will ensure that you hit fast and continuously to take advantage of this function.
    • Kiting is also a great way of killing mobs. Also called the hit-and-run tactic, this tactic involves running around or away from your target after hitting it, giving you ample time to heal or equip new armaments while keeping the damage coming. Normally you can kite by either running away before every attack then returning, running around the enemy to confuse them and then attacking, or leading it away, waiting until they stop attacking, then coming back to attack and lead them away again.

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