How to Defeat the Clockwork Soldiers in Luigi's Mansion

The clockwork soldiers are portrait ghosts in area 4, in Luigi's Mansion. They were once owned by a toy collector, and they now come to life on their own! To find out how to defeat this toy trio, start with step one, below.


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    Go to the clockwork room. In order to go here, you need a key from the cellar. The door to the clockwork room is in the telephone room, at the very right.
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    Find the clockwork soldiers there.
    In order to summon them, you need to turn on all the clocks in the room.
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    After they come to life, notice the winds on their backs. You will need to use the poltergust in order to unwind it. Once one of their winds fall off, their heart is exposed. Use your poltergust to suck them up and capture them.
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    Once you capture all of them, access the elevator. Use this to go to the roof.


  • Try sucking up all the soldiers at once. This will make it so you don't have to worry about one of them hurting you with their staffs.


  • The clockwork soldiers will try to hurt you with their staffs. Try to avoid this, or it will cost 10 damage points.

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