How to Derank Yourself in Brawlhalla

So you want to de-rank yourself in Brawlhalla's ranked 1v1, but you're just too good of a player to lose against those Gold players. Well, your days of winning are over, because once you mastered the technique shown in this tutorial, you'll be down to Silver in no time. Fire up your game and jump straight into a 3-stock 1v1.


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    Make him feel alive. De-ranking yourself is not that simple, you have to pretend like you're actually battling this Gold player on even grounds. Even a fish on land will flop around before it dies. You need to put up a fight for at least 30 seconds before you're giving this lucky guy his free elo.
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    Kill yourself. Jump off the ledge. Run off the ledge. Whatever. Just drop down and lose your stock.
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    Kill yourself again. While your opponent stand in confusion to what just happened, as soon as you respawn and landed into the ground, jump off again into the bottomless pit.
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    Jump off again into the ledge, as the KO sound effect fills your with euphoria. Your opponent would've caught on to your plan by now, but it's already too late.
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    Immediately go to the character select menu. You did it, you've successfully lost your elo. But there's still one last step to do. You have to go to the character select menu as fast as you can. Don't type out "gg", don't say anything, just exit.
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    Repeat until you're at the rank you want. Now that you know how to lose your elo, it's only a matter of time until you de-rank yourself by repeating this technique. You're the hero that Gold players need. A silent guardian, a watchful protector. A diamond player.

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