How to Design a T Shirt Logo

What’s more comfortable than a T-shirt? Tees are like pajamas, only we’re not embarrassed to be seen wearing them in public. To the contrary...


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    Choose your colors. Keep in mind that the busier the color pattern the more difficult it is to read the logo. Therefore, if you're going to design a logo that you want people to read, choose no more than two or maybe three colors.
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    Select a readable font. While fancy fonts look pretty up close, they are difficult to read from afar. Reading a T-shirt often occurs in passing. Whether you’re walking into or out of a store or walking down the street, your font has to be large, clear and easily readable by anyone passing by.
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    Pick a graphic. Similar to choosing fonts, graphics have to be clear, large, and viewable. Fine details on a logo can get lost on a small logo image. It might be necessary to forgo fine details in favor of large viewable and less detailed graphics.
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    Digitize the logo. Once you've designed the logo for your T-shirt, digitize it. That means if the image was hand drawn, scan it so that it is computer readable.
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    Check the logo dimensions. Use care not to design a wonderful looking logo only to find that it distorts when resized to fit on the T-shirt. Keep track of the logo’s dimensions to ensure it renders properly on the T-shirt.
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  • The process of developing a designs starts with your ideas and goals. You should work to create an artwork that you are proud of. After the ideas have been put together, the project steps begin:

    • 1st draft – A series of elements to establish direction.
    • 2nd draft – Likes and dislikes, molding the final design.
    • Final draft – The final product to be produce.

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