How to Design Garment Labels for Your Clothing Line

Garment labels may seem trivial but they're not. The labels added to the skirt, jacket, top, etc. can attract customers to a garment precisely because the brand label sets it apart and makes it seem more appealing, while the care labels help the customer determine their ability to keep the garment in great shape. In choosing labels for your clothing line, here is some guidance on the things to keep a watch out for.


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    Ask yourself some key questions that will help you to determine the types of persons likely to wear your clothing. Once you have these answers, you'll get a good idea of what's appropriate by way of labels that will attract that group of potential purchasers. These questions include:
    • Who is the targeted demographic you are going after?
    • What type of budget can you afford to spend in adding labels on your clothing? (Remembering that everything additional is more cost.)
    • What do you want the label to be made from? The texture of the label is important, especially if it is going to be against bare skin.
    • Where will the label be made? Overseas or in the USA/your home country? Again, the costs will be different depending on where you choose, so you'll need to do some research.
    • When do you need to get the clothing labels done by? If your clothing line is already for the next catwalk show or for sale, you'll need someone who can make the labels quickly; if you have longer, you can take more time in creating a label that will sum up your brand for years to come.
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    Consider what you will have on the labels. There are brand name labels and clothing care labels; you'll need both.
    • Brand labels should have great care put into developing them, as they will represent the brand for years to come. Come up with your brand's color theme, use font that expresses your brand's style and consider adding imagery if it gels with the brand, such as a flower, a smiley face or a lipstick.
    • Clothing care labels will need to comply with relevant local laws and laws compliant with the countries you're selling the garments in. Use standardized font and symbols for the care instructions.
    • Include what the garment is made of, as this is important to customers. If it has special qualities such as organic, fair-trade or hand-made, these are sales features worth promoting and may even require a label of their very own.
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    Have the label designed according to your specifications and design drawings. Look for a branding specialist with a good track record for your demographic. They will be able to give you more recommendations and great suggestions for logos, colors and patterns for your labels and tags.
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    Have the system in place for adding the labels. This might be done as part of assembling the clothing in the factory or sewn on by hand for higher quality, designer clothing.


  • After determining your budget, if you have a little extra to spend, consider a sticker hang tag if appropriate for the demographic. Hang tags are currently the "must-have" label for any modern clothing brand.


  • If using an overseas vendor, factor in the time needed to ship labels to you. You don't want it to be launch date and you're still waiting for the labels to arrive.

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