How to Determine if Your Oregon Massage Therapist Is Licensed

The brightly colored sign exclaiming, "$20 for a one hour, full body massage", catches your attention. If the price appear too good to be true, then you may be dealing with an unlicensed massage therapist. The adage, "cheaper is not always better" is especially true when it comes to health services. This article will help you to determine if your Oregon massage therapist is licensed in the state of Oregon and if your massage therapist has ever been disciplined by the Oregon Board of Massage.


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    On the left side of the web page, click on "License Verification"
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    Search for the therapist. You may verify the individual therapists license by entering the License Number or by searching the database by last name, first name or the city the therapist works in.
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    Review the results. The search result will show the persons license status and will produce a link if the individual has been disciplined by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.
    • If you cannot find the person in the database, than that person is NOT an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist and is practicing massage illegally.
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    Dig a little deeper if you'd like. If you find that the individual has been disciplined and and you wish to view the public documents then click where it says "Click here to view action documents".
    • Click the "I understand" button on the "Access agreement for public records or Board Actions"
    • Click the "I understand" button on the "Definitions" page.
    • You will be shown a "Case number", click on the case number to view the public disciplinary documents.


  • If you do not find your therapist, and you believe the person IS a Licensed Massage Therapist, you can call the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists at 503-365-8657 to verify licensure status.


  • Using an unlicensed massage therapist can cause injury. Massage therapists complete approximately 500 hours of specialty training to ensure the safety of a client.

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