How to Develop an Eye for Detail

Many people do not grasp what exactly it even means by having an eye for detail. Developing an eye for detail is a basic life skill that will help you succeed in life. Since, the devil is in the detail - read the steps below and you will gather what it is and find out how to go about building this new habit and use it in daily life. In short, it is a kind of mental training.


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    Follow a roughly precise schedule. Have set times for waking up and going to bed. Take your meals at fixed times. Any other regular tasks that you do try doing them at the same time in the same days of the week. Eventually, you will stop wasting time as your body will have naturally adopted a fixed routine. It will know what it is that it should be doing.
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    Perform regular tasks ritually. If say, you are washing the utensils - develop a fixed methodology and make sure you follow it. If you have two sinks and you begin putting dirty utensils in the left and then you wash them and move over to the right. You soap them and start putting in left and then finally you wash them in the right and put for drying. Repeat this ritual every time you wash utensils. This will let you develop a certain mindfulness and you will enjoy doing regular tasks. It will curb a wandering mind. Even a simple act of like brushing - do it consciously and ritually. If you cannot develop alertness at this level - is there any hope of developing it in major things?
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    Stick to approximately fixed constants. One example could be cooking rice for one person. Every time you cook keep fixed number of like how many cups of rice you use, how much water, how many tablespoon ghee and salt. If you go to grocery store, buy fixed number of items like tomatoes or potatoes. This will prevent you from buying or eating excess and keep you mindful of your consumption.
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    Keep track of your mind moment by moment. Somehow, when we think of the eye we always tend to think of the physical eye. Develop diligence to direct the inner eyes to examine the mind moment by moment. Does the mind fall into the ruts of negativism - does it get drained in purposeless thoughts. Be alert - let the inner eyes stamp out the inconsistencies of the mind.
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    Create natural homes for everything. Keep your items such as keys, books, clothes in fixed places. If you find yourself rummaging the entire house to find an important piece of paper - it's time to organize your cluttered mind. You should be able to locate items at once.


  1. Do not overdo it. Include moderate detail in life.

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