How to Develop English Communication Skills

Development of English communication when it's not your first language can be done through various ways. This article presents a few of the most useful ways to boost your English communication skills at home, with friends and when out and about. Apart from the English is one of the top survival language in the world. So developing communication of such language leads to furnish you career path too.


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    Build up your confidence to communicate boldly in English. Pay attention to your mistakes and correct them. Speak English with your family and friends whenever you have the chance to do so.
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    Fake it till you make it. Plunge in and try it, the sooner you do, the better your English will become. Mistakes are inevitable for every language learner but it is through these that you will learn. Find someone who speaks English well and practice with them.
    • Use fillers (such as basically, well, certainly, you know, etc.). With the help of these, you can gain yourself time to search internally for the needed vocabulary.
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    Watch Hollywood movies and the news in English. This is the best way of developing your vocabulary and strengthening your communication skills. In addition, movies have the added advantage of allowing you to develop both vocabulary and accents too. If you don't like to watch movies, just switch to news so that you can learn a more formal style of English.
    • Try to watch movies with subtitles for 3 to 4 months; doing that can help you to learn vocabulary. After that try to watch without the subtitles; this helps you to learn the accent and develop your listening skills.
    • If you can't follow the newsreader, just read the headlines at the bottom so that you can learn some new words.
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    Use cards. Get a set of plain white cards. Write a new word on one side and the meaning on the other side. Whenever you are free, start looking at these cards. After a while, just look at the meaning and guess the word (and vice versa).
    • You can use the cards with your friends to make a word puzzle and perhaps some sorts of games.
    • Additionally you can use cards in a different way. For an example you can write the lyrics of the songs in card and carry those with you while listening. You can sing along with the song which boost you accent skills.
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    Try to keep a personal note book for writing daily happenings. If you start writing daily a page. You will know the difference of you vocabulary strength.
    • If you are a creative thinker , try to write some creative and imaginary stories. Which will develop your vocabulary and content developing skills.


  • Try to have friends who can talk in English on your social sites.
  • Start reading child story books. It is very interesting because you can see lot of pictures along with words. So that you can remember it too easily.

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