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If you have round eyes (or even if you don't), doing the cat-eye can seem intimidating, especially if you're not very familiar with makeup. If you don't know what the cat-eye is, it's pretty self explanatory, and you've probably seen it done before. It's basically extending the outer corner of the makeup upwards, making your eye appear much like a feline's eye. If you have round-eyes, it can seem even more intimidating to do this look. However, round-eyes actually pull off this look perfectly! Read on to learn how to achieve this cool cat look.


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    Apply your shadow (if desired). This step isn't exactly "necessary", depending on the look you're going for. If you do want shadow, apply it now before your eyeliner. I find that doing this beforehand is easier, but whatever works for you is fine.
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    Select an eyeliner. For doing a cat-eye look, use a gel or liquid liner. This comes down to personal preference, however, a gel-liner offers more control. There are a huge amount of affordable and awesome liners, both gel and liquid that are $10 and under. If you aren't sure which to use, go to your local drugstore and peruse the makeup section. Or go to Sephora or the makeup section at Macy's. Ask the pros what they would recommend!
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    Be sure you have the correct tools. This is not necessary if you are using a liquid liner. Most gel-liners come with a small brush. If it did not include a brush, or if the brush is of low-quality, invest in a good liner brush. Sonia Kashuk created a line of makeup brushes that are sold at Target. They're inexpensive and are of great quality. Remember, if you use low-quality products/tools, your makeup will reflect this fact.
    • For gel-liner
      1. If you chose to go with the gel-liner, take your eyeliner brush and dip it into your gel-liner.
      2. Evenly coat the tip of the brush. Steady your hand on something. Either sitting down in front of a mirror & resting your elbow on a firm surface, or resting your pinky on your cheek to steady your hand.
      3. Since the goal of this is to not cause your eye to appear more round, begin applying the eyeliner just after the round peak of your eye.
      4. Drag the brush close to your lash line, using small, firm strokes. If necessary, re-apply the liner to your brush.
      5. Create the line to be thicker at the outer corners. Not only is this essential to creating the desired look, it is also vital in reducing the roundness of your eyeball.
    • For liquid-liner: Liquid liner is, in a way, easier to apply than gel-liner. It is thinner & easier to create a wing spontaneously with just a small flick. Also, it does not require you to purchase an additional brush or wash the said-brush. It's all-inclusive!
      1. Use the same technique as the gel-liner, applying on the outer portion of your eye & using the same wing-technique.
      2. However, be careful not to let the liquid liner get on your upper eyelid. Make sure it's dry!
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    Wing it, wing it out, girl. After the outer corner has been thickened, you have reached the defining moment of this makeup look: the wing. Take your brush, and make a small flick up toward the end of your eyebrow. Depending on your personal preference, you can make this as short or as long as you like. It's just important to A) make sure it is even on both eyes and B) make sure it is connected properly to the rest of the eyeliner. Make sure it is free of gaps!
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    Optional; Apply eyeliner to the inner corner. If you have wide-set eyes, I find that this is a good way to reduce that effect. Take your eyeliner (gel, liquid, or pencil-style) and apply it to the upper inside corner of your eye. I wouldn't necessarily apply it to the bottom inside corner, but whatever floats your boat!
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    Wear Mascara/false-lashes. It just brings an extra level of drama. If you do falsies, cut 'em in half evenly & apply to the outer corner with lash-glue. This gives it an even more feline look by accentuating the outer half of your eye. If you don't want falsies, suit yourself. It still looks cool either way.


  • Observe other people's makeup. If you are out and see a woman (or never know) with the look you are trying to achieve, why not ask? It may seem weird to ask someone about this, but most everyone will be flattered. Once in a while when I'm out someone will ask about my makeup and how I did it. It's awesome to have people notice this! So why not ask her (or him...) about how they did it? Who knows, you might make a new friend!
  • Be comfortable with it. You've gotta rock this look to make it work. Make sure you like the way it looks!
  • Invest in good products. I'm not saying you should buy the $30 gel-liner from Mac, but if you use a product you love and that you find works well for you, it definitely is reflected in your makeup.
  • Use it to express your style. Make-up isn't always about "enhancing your natural beauty". Sometimes, you've just gotta rock the pink eyeshadow and cat-liner because, well, you like it, not because you think it makes you look like Heidi Klum.


  • Applying liquid-liner to your waterline hurts. If you get this stuff in your eye, it creates little clumps of liner that kind of wander around & hurt like heck. Careful!

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