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Four Methods:Writing Upside-down WordsTelling a Funny Story with a CalculatorDoing a Calculator Magic TrickNumber 7 Trick

Are linear equations and geometric progressions just not doing it for you? It may be time to take a break from math class and impress your friends with a cool calculator trick. With just a few easy steps, you'll be able to create funny words from the numbers on your calculator's screen and even tell funny stories to go along with them! Start with Step 1 below to learn how do a cool calculator trick on your own in just a matter of minutes.

Method 1
Writing Upside-down Words

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    Type 0.7734 for "hello". Ordinary, non-graphing calculators don't usually allow you to type letters, but by typing certain combinations of numbers and then turning the calculator's display upside-down, you can mimic the look of certain words with the upside-down numbers. For example, to write "hello", type 0.7734 into the calculator, then look at the number upside-down.
    • The decimal point is important - without it, the zero won't show up.
    • This works best if your calculator's "4" has an open top, rather than a pointed top.
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    Type 37047734 for "hellhole". If you're sick and tired of your math class, flash this to friends to let them know what you think of the place. Fight the power with your calculator!
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    Type 5318008 for "boobies". This is one of the oldest calculator words in the book and the source of endless amusement for 13 year-olds across the English speaking world. Don't get caught showing this one to your friends or you may get in trouble!
    • If your calculator has the option to write a factorial sign ("!"), you can use this in place of the 1 to make a lower-case I.
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    Type 53177187714 for "hillbillies". Are you sick and tired of the toothless, slack-jawed simpletons in your math class? Use this calculator trick to let them know the impression they're making on you.
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    Type 50538 for "besos". "Besos" is Spanish for "kisses". If you'd like to show that special someone in your math class that you're romantic and bilingual, use this calculator trick.
    • wikiHow is not responsible for any smooches or slaps resulting from the use of this trick.
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    Search online for more upside-down words. There are many, many different words you can make with an upside-down calculator. A simple online search can reveal hundreds of these words. So, for more ideas than can possibly be contained in this article, use a search engine (like Google) to find more exciting possibilities.
    • If you make the letters I, E, H, S, G, L, B, O, Z and D by using the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0, 2 and 0, respectively, there are, in fact, at least 1,453 words you can make, though only a fraction of these are funny or interesting.
    • Here are just a few more ideas:
      • 7734 for "hell"
      • 316008 for "boogie"
      • 530804 for "hobos"
      • 0.70616 for "gigolo"
      • 376006 for "google"

Method 2
Telling a Funny Story with a Calculator

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    Get an audience together and start by typing 69 into the calculator. This calculator trick involves narrating a story as you type different numbers into your calculator. The story itself is pretty silly and is recommended for young teenage boys. To begin, type in the number 69 and start your story as follows:
    • "There once was a woman with 69 boobs..."
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    Type 222 into the calculator. Without erasing the 69 you've already entered, type three 2's into your calculator. As you type, continue your story as follows:
    • "She thought that that was too, too, too (222) many..."
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    Type 51 into the calculator, then hit the multiplication sign. Again, without erasing anything, type in the next two numbers. Then, hit the multiplication sign on your calculator. As you do this, continue your story:
    • She went to 51st Street to make an appointment with Dr. X..."
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    Type 8. Your screen should show only the number 8, since you just hit the multiplication sign. Continue your story:
    • "Dr. X gave her 8 operations..."
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    Hit the equals sign and flip the calculator over. If you've done everything right, your calculator should show "55378008" (boobless). End your story with a bang:
    • "...and in the end she was boobless!"

Method 3
Doing a Calculator Magic Trick

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    Write "73" on a piece of paper, fold it, and give it to a friend or volunteer. Don't let anyone see the number your write down - even your volunteer. At the end of the trick, you'll reveal this secret number to your audience's delight.
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    Instruct your volunteer to pick a 4-digit number and enter it into the calculator twice. For instance, if your volunteer picks the number 7,893, she would type "78937893" (78,937,893) into the calculator. Any four digit number will work for this trick.
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    Announce that the number is evenly divisible by 137. Have your volunteer verify this by dividing the eight-digit number in his calculator by 137. Any number made by repeating a four-digit number twice will be evenly divisible by 137. In our example, 78,937,893 divided by 137 = 576,189
    • This works because repeating the digits in a four-digit number twice is equal to multiplying the original four-digit number by 10,001, which is divisible by 137. Try it!
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    Announce that your volunteer should divide her answer by the original four-digit number. For instance, in our example, after dividing 78,937,893 by 137 to get 576,189, our volunteer would divide 576,189 by 7,893. If you've followed the directions right, your volunteer should get an answer of 73 every time, no matter which number she started with.
    • This works because 10,001 is equal to 137 × 73. Dividing your eight-digit number by 137 gets you an answer that is equal to your original four-digit number × 73, so, by dividing by your four-digit number, you'll get 73 as an answer every time.
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    Dramatically command your volunteer to reveal your prediction. Have your friend or volunteer open the folded piece of paper. When your prediction of 73 is revealed, be prepared for your audience to go wild!
    • Don't reveal the math behind the trick! A good magician knows how to keep his secrets.

Method 4
Number 7 Trick

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    Have someone secretly select a three-digit number and enter it twice into calculator. (For example: 123123) Have them concentrate on the display. Make it seem that you are trying to discern her thoughts
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    Announce that the number is divisible by 11. Have her verify it by dividing by 11.
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    Announce that the result is also divisible by 13. Have her/him verify it.
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    Have her/him divide this by the original three-digit number.
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    Announce that the final answer is 7.


  • Make sure you choose who you show the "boobless" trick to wisely; some people might get offended.
  • Make sure that you're doing the secret 73 trick once to a person.

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