How to Do a Simple Doll Eye Makeup (for Asians)

Want to get the doll eye makeup but in a rush to do it? Then this article is just for you. This technique for the doll eye makeup takes up approximately 3 minutes (depends). (Longest time to do this makeup would be 5 minutes.) So if you're in a hurry but still want to look amazing, then this article is for you.


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    First, do your eyeliner (Use black! If you have a different eye color or something, you can use a different eyeliner color to make the color of your eyes stand out.) You can choose whether to apply eyeliner to your whole entire eye or only half of it. If you're doing half of your eye, then outline half of your top lid. Then half of your bottom lid.
    • No matter what kind of way you're doing your eyeliner, be sure to make the outer parts of your eye thicker. When you get to the outer part of your eye, make it thick and bold than the rest. Be sure to keep outlining the outer part of your eye. You may also add on black eyeshadow to soften the outer parts of your eye and make it look thicker.
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    For eyeshadow, you can either use a neutral color to match your skin tone or something that's just a little bit lighter from your skin or darker like Mac. But be sure to put only a small and light amount of eyeshadow on your eye on top of the eyeliner. Don't overdo it.
    • You can choose to make it dark if you like but too much darkness will destroy the look. Now that we got that covered, get some white eyeshadow or a small shimmer stick. Use that to color the skin of the eye that's near your tear ducts. And use it to color PART of your top eyelid. (optional) Be sure the white eyeshadow/shimmer is connected!(If you're coloring part of your top lid.) And then use that same thing and line your water line. This will really make your eyes pop. Also when your makeup is done, you can use a brush to blend in the eyeshadow.
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    (OPTIONAL)Use mascara, fake lashes, or an eyelash curler. It's recommended using mascara and then waiting for it to dry then curl it. But if you're in a rush, curl and mascara it. Remember this step is optional. Asians normally have small lashes. And the most important parts are the eyeshadow and eyeliner. So you can skip this step if you wish.
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    If you have blemished skin, use concealer or whatever it takes to hide your blemishes. This step is optional.
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    Use blush. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks (meaning where your cheek bones are. Avoid coloring your whole cheek and be sure to lighten the amount of blush.
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    Use a light colored lip gloss/lipstick or a sweet red/pink lipstick. Don't use something too intense. You can if you want to (don't though). Be sure to be mild on your lips.
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  • Use substitutes if you don't have the supplies! Substitutes for: Eyeliner=eyeshadow, Blush= Mac eyeshadow (pink)
  • Always moisturize your skin! This keeps it flawless.
  • If you want to remove your makeup, use moisturizer! Or makeup remover.
  • Always keep your skin clean! But don't wash your face often. It can cause pimples and zits. Use cleansing wash. I recommend Mary Kay.
  • If you have more time on your hands and want your eyelashes to be longer, use a blow dryer and blow dry your eyelash curler. This will make it hot. And then curl your eyelashes. Be careful though. It's hot.


  • Just be careful about getting mascara in your eyes. Or any other makeup. Other than that, there are no dangers.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyeliner (black is suggested)
  • Eyeshadow (black, white, or any color you choose)
  • Shimmer stick (optional)
  • Blush (optional)
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler (also optional)
  • Brush for blending in or for applying eyeshadow. Try using your finger, it may prove to be much easier than using a brush or stick because you have more control of how much and where you're applying. But if you're using blush, use a brush!
  • Any other items you think you would need. Look through this tutorial and see.

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