How to Do a Sitting Spinal Twist

Three Parts:Getting in the Starting PositionPerforming the Exercise Frequency

This low-impact exercise will strengthen your spinal rotators by teaching you how to twist at the waist.

Part 1
Getting in the Starting Position

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    Sit on a flat surface with your legs pointing straight out. Make sure your back is as straight as possible so that you sit tall.

Part 2
Performing the Exercise

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    Place your right foot on the outside of your left knee so that your right knee is pointing straight up. Support yourself with your right hand resting behind you. Flex your left foot towards your body while keeping your left knee straightened.
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    Now put your left elbow against the outside of your right knee. Face the right, rotating your shoulders/head and feeling the stretch in your back and neck muscles, also look back to you as much as you can comfortably.
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    Hold this position for as long as you like and do not forget to breathe properly because the whole exercise depends upon how you take breath it will not only help to get oxygen circulation in your body but also to perform this Asana in a better way by enhancing your limits. Switch sides and repeat, this time with your left foot over your right knee and your upper body oriented to the left.

Part 3

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    Do this exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minutes at a time with proper breathing.
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    In order to start seeing/feeling results, aim to do 10 minutes 3 days a week for 6 weeks. For faster results, increase the number of sets/times per week you do this exercise.


  • The benefits of these exercises are increased strength and flexibility in your spinal muscles.


  • Potential injuries that may be incurred if this exercise is performed incorrectly are back muscle strains.

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