How to Do a Spirit Guide Communication with a Pendulum

Connecting with the spirit world through the use of a pendulum can be the most effective and simplest way to do so. It's inexpensive to get started (making your own pendulum!) and easy to learn.


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    Find a quiet, private place to relax and concentrate. Choose an object that has meaning to you, and can be attached to a string, allowing for easy, smooth, swinging movement.
    • You can also purchase a pendulum if you prefer, but be cautious about choosing one made up of stones. It is better to choose one that is made of brass or other metals. Stones have their own energy which might interfere with clear movement. Sit at a table or have a flat surface on your lap.
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    Close your eyes. See yourself having a conversation with someone who has passed to spirit. Someone you love would be ideal, for instance.
    • Holding your pendulum still in front of you, ask your spirit messenger to indicate a "yes" for you and notice the movement of the pendulum.
    • Gently tap the pendulum on the surface in front of you and say "thank you". Do the same process again for "Yes" and "I don't know, or wouldn't want to say at this time".
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    Begin asking questions of your spirit guide. Once you are centered and know the movements of the pendulum, that will indicate "yes", "no" and "not at this time"


  • Practice first. It might take three or four tries to get the hang of it.
  • Have your questions ready beforehand. When the pendulum begins moving you might be so surprised you forget all you wanted to ask!


  • Don't make this a parlour game! This is a serious, spiritual undertaking, and it is not to be used to entertain friends or impress. Any ego attachment here could lead to misinformation and costs to your spiritual development.
  • Ask questions with heart and meaning for you, not for someone else. Don't do this for anyone but yourself. If you do it for anyone else, others may take your spiritual messages to heart and make decisions that could affect their whole lives.

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