How to Do a Split Stretch

Have you ever seen a graceful ballet dancer or maybe a die-hard gymnast go into a split and thought to yourself, "I can do that too!" or, maybe, you take a dance or gymnastics class or maybe cheerleading and you are required to know how to do a split, the only problem is you're not very flexible. No worries my friend, follow this guide and have a little patience and you too can do a split over time


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    First you need to have roomy clothes on such as:
    • shorts
    • loose t-shirt
    • tank top and tennis shoes
    • and no show socks
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    Warm up and stretch. Not doing so will cause injury. Here are some stretches you can try:
    • Lunges, Butterfly, Half split one leg and stretch forward, Leg rotations and levies.
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    • Jog in place for a few minutes to warm up leg muscles
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    Stretch yourself. Do lunges, butterflies, touch your toes etc. Make sure your legs are stretched and so is your back. Sit with your legs apart on the floor and put your head down. Then try to put it on your left/right leg. This may be difficult.
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    Go into position. This will be either the straddle, which is left or right.
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    After you have warmed up for at least 5 minutes, get into the split or straddle position and go down as far as you can-without any major pain or discomfort. Slowly lower yourself down as far as you can go. Don't overdo it. This means if you can only go down to be a foot off the ground while feeling a decent stretch, don't go any further.
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    Stay in that position for about 30 seconds then get up stretch and repeat, not too many times or you could cause an injury. Only do it until you feel like you can't anymore or you are going to hurt yourself.
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    Make sure when you are done to repeat your warm up stretches and loosen your muscles. This is an absolute must!
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    Do not go over your limits and go down too far; this can make you feel major pain. This is an over time process and you will get better at it as you do this everyday.


  • If you are stretching don't really overdo it because if you do you might pull a muscle and hurt yourself really bad so you must always be careful about what you are doing.

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