How to Do Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Three Parts:Using the Right Eyeshadow ColorUsing the Right Colors of EyelinerUsing the Right Colors of Mascara

Blue eyes are tranquilizing and gorgeous to behold, but the wrong makeup can make them appear dull and faded. The right makeup, however, will enhance your beautiful blue eyes, making them appear brighter. Use this article to learn how to bring out the blues in your eyes and make them appear brighter.

Part 1
Using the Right Eyeshadow Color

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    Use eyeshadow primer under your eyeshadow. This will help enhance the color of your eyeshadow, making it appear brighter, which in turn will also make your eyes appear brighter.[1]
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    Choose eyeshadow with contrasting colors. One of the best ways to bring out the blue in your eyes is to use contrasting colors. This means choosing eyeshadows in neutral and earth tones, warm colors, and colors opposite of blue and green on the color wheel. Here are some suggestions:[2]
    • For neutral and earth tones, use beige, camel, sable, sienna, tan, taupe, terracotta, and warm brown.
    • For opposite colors, use red, orange, gold, copper, and bronze.
    • For warm colors, use pastel orange, rose, and light pink. You can also use a warm purple with red undertones, such as plum.
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    Consider using cool colors. You can also use cool-colored eyeshadow, such as blues, greens, and purples. Purple eyes shadow pairs great with blue eyes, while blue should be used with care. If you have flecks of green in your eyes, you can use green eyeshadow to bring those flecks out. Here are some suggestions:
    • You can get away with wearing blue-colored eyeshadow, so long as the blue is darker than your eye color, such as navy or midnight blue. Be sure not to overdo the blue eyeshadow.[3]
    • Wear greens to bring out blue-green eyes, such as turquoise.
    • Wear purples, such as dark purple, heather, lavender, lilac, or plum.
    • You can also wear ash, black, charcoal, silver, slate, or dark grey.
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    Know what color eyeshadow works suits light, medium, and dark blue eyes. There are different shades of blue when it comes to eyes, ranging from dark blue to blue green to blue-grey. Here are some color suggestions, based on the shade of blue your eyes might be:[4]
    • If you have light-blue eyes, wear neutral browns and orange or bronze tones.
    • If you have medium-blue eyes, consider going for blacks, browns, camel, charcoal, copper, heather, or moss.
    • If you have dark or deep blue eyes, use light, nude browns, or pastel oranges
    • If you have blue-gray eyes, go for warmer tones, such orangey browns, copper, coral and khaki. You can also wear darker blues, such as teal and midnight blue, and grays, such as charcoal and silver. Lilac will also work well with blue-gray eyes.
    • If you have blue-green eyes, use warm colors, such as bronzes, oranges, reds, terracotta, and sienna.
    • If you have bright blue eyes, use lighter colors, such as ash, camel, gold, gray, sable, or taupe.
    • Purple works well for all types of blue eyes.
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    Match the eyeshadow color to your hair color and skin tone. Certain colors look better against certain skin tones and hair colors. If you are having difficulties choosing an eyeshadow color, then try to work with your skin tone and hair color instead. Here are some suggestions based on skin tone and hair color:[5]
    • If you have fair skin and blonde hair:, consider wearing rich browns, warm pinks, or plums. Pair your eyeshadow with some brown eyeliner and lots of mascara.
    • If you have fair skin and dark hair, go for golds and brighter pinks. Pair your eyeshadow with a darker eyeliner and some lengthening mascara.
    • If you have red hair, consider wearing dark rust and copper shades with a bit of sage green. Pair this with brown eyeliner and mascara.
    • If you have tan skin and dark or brunette hair, try a deep peach or plum. Pair this with brown or black eyeliner and mascara.
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    Choose an eyeshadow color to match the occasion. If you have difficulties from choosing an eyeshadow color, you can narrow your choices down by matching the color to the occasion. Here are some examples:[6]
    • If you are going to work or school stick with brown, rose, terracotta and neutral shades.
    • Lavender and light purples work well for daytime events, while deep plum works best for evening events.
    • If you are going out on a date or a fancy dinner, consider using a metallic eyeshadow, such as gold, silver, shimmery pink, and shimmery turquoise.
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    Consider using bronzer instead of eyeshadow. For a subtle golden effect, dust a little bit of bronzer in the crease of your eyelid. Using your fingers or a makeup brush, blend it into the rest of your eyeshadow. The light should catch the bronzer just enough to bring out the blue tints in your eyes.
    • Use liquid bronzer beneath eyeshadow. If your bronzer isn't in powdered form, use it as eyeshadow primer. Rub a little over your eyelid, then lightly layer your normal eyeshadow on top.
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    Try a modified smoky eye. Instead of using heavy blacks and grays to create a smoky look, try dark brown, gold and dusky pink. The warm tones will showcase your eyes.

Part 2
Using the Right Colors of Eyeliner

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    Use black eyeliner with care. Black might be too cool and overpowering for blue eyes, especially if you have light-colored hair; however, if used correctly, it can really bring out your eyes. Consider using liquid eyeliner to apply a thin line along your upper lid, and extend it just past the lash line in a wingtip.
    • For a less intense look, consider using charcoal or gray instead.
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    Consider using eyeliner in neutral shades. The warm tones found in brown or taupe will contrast with your blue eyes, making them appear brighter. Neutral-toned eyeliner works best for work, school, and daytime events.
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    Try a cool-colored eyeliner. Colors such as purple, midnight blue, teal, or turquoise will bring out the blue in your eyes, making them appear brighter. Green-toned eyeliner, such as teal or turquoise, works especially well with blue-green eyes, as it will bring out the green flecks.[7]
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    Add some shimmer with metallic eyeliner. Colors such as bronze, copper, gold, or silver will not only make your eyes appear brighter, but they will also add some sparkle when you blink.[8]
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    Try beige eyeliner on lower lashes. Instead of using a white eyeliner to disguise your waterline (the pink area between your lashes and your eyes), try beige. It'll blend in with your skin better, and the warmth will draw out the color of your eyes.[9]

Part 3
Using the Right Colors of Mascara

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    Use black mascara freely. Black mascara is classic, and suitable for all eye colors, including blue. Consider using something with lengthening properties. Because of its intensity, however, black mascara works best for evening events. Here are some more suggestions:
    • For a less-harsh look, reach for dark brown, dark blue, or charcoal mascara.
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    Reach for the brown mascara. It will also give you a softer look, that is perfect for work, school, and other daytime events. Brown mascara works especially well for those with blonde, light brown, or lighter red hair; it will give you a more natural but still well-defined look.[10]
    • Dark brown mascara will create a subtle contrast with your blue eyes, making them appear brighter.
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    Try cool colors. Mascara doesn't have to be black or brown. You can also use some colored mascara. Not all colors will work with blue eyes, however. Here are some suggestions for colored mascara that will help your eyes appear brighter:
    • Dark blue mascara can draw attention to your eyes without overpowering them. It will give you a similar look that black mascara gives you, without being as harsh.[11]
    • Turquoise mascara is great for those with blue-green eyes. It will help brink out the flecks of green, making your eyes appear brighter.[12]
    • Wear purple mascara to bring out the blue in your eyes. If you have a warmer skin undertone, consider using a warmer purple, such as plum. If you have a cooler skin undertone, use a cooler purple, like violet.[13]
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  • Don't overdo your lipstick. Unless it is for a glamorous evening event, wearing bright red lipstick, or too much lipstick, can take attention away from your eyes. Instead, try using a matte lipstick instead of a sparkly one, and select a neutral shade, such as light pink or peachy-brown.[14]
  • Use the right blush color. If you have warm skin undertones, use apricot. If you have cool skin undertones, use pink. Apply the blush lightly along your cheeks. Avoid putting on too much, or you will take attention away from your eyes.[15]

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