How to Do Shoulder Wall Presses

Three Methods:Getting in the Starting PositionPerforming the ExerciseFrequency

This low-impact exercise uses a wall to help you strengthen the muscles in your arms, your back, and between your shoulder blades.

Method 1
Getting in the Starting Position

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    Lean against a wall, facing outwards. Your feet should be placed 4 to 6 inches (10.2 to 15.2 cm) away from the wall, but keep your rear end, shoulders, and the back of your head resting against it.
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    In this position, stretch your arms out to your sides against the wall. The backs of your hands should be touching it, and your hands themselves should be located at a height between your waist and shoulders.

Method 2
Performing the Exercise

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    Press your hands back into the wall. Release them after a few seconds, then repeat, making sure you are feeling the stretch in your shoulders. Do not allow any other parts of your body to move as you do this exercise.

Method 3

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    Do 10 repetitions of this exercise per set. Repeat until you've completed 3 sets.
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    In order to start seeing/feeling results, aim to do 3 sets 5 days a week for 6 weeks. For faster results, increase the number of sets/times per week you do this exercise.


  • To make this exercise less challenging you can lower your arms more towards your waist to alleviate discomfort in your neck/shoulders.
  • The benefits of these exercises are increased strength and flexibility in your arms and back muscles.


  • Potential injuries that may be incurred if this exercise is performed incorrectly are arm and back muscle strains.

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