How to Do the Waterfall Card Flourish

The Waterfall Card Flourish is a simple by effective way to spice up your shuffles or magic tricks. It is also a good way to practice dexterity, as well as basic card manipulation. Though it is not really a trick, the Waterfall Card Flourish is an essential hand skill for magicians and card lovers.


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    Grab the bottom edge of the deck with your thumb. On the bottom, grab the deck with your thumb at your first knuckle. The top edge of the deck fits into the crease. The tip of your thumb should overhang just a bit below the deck.
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    Use three fingers, close together, to grab the top edge of the deck. On top, grab the deck with your first, middle, and ring fingers wt your first joint (the joint right after your palm). Your fingers will drape over the deck. Bring them close together so that you can pinch the deck firmly, bending it back into your palm.
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    Squeeze the deck towards your palm to create "air pockets." You'll get a hill-shaped deck, with little pockets of air between the cards as they bend upwards. Having air pockets creates space in the deck that allows the cards to fall one by one, instead of in chunks.
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    Position the deck sideways, with the face of the deck showing to your viewer. Turn the deck so that the bottom card is exposed and your longer edge of the deck is on top.
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    Open your fingers back up, like an opening clamp, to let them waterfall. This is the only part that could take some practice. You want your hand to open up even and straight. Your thumb and fingers should slide apart at the same rate, though it will takes some practice to figure out just how fast this is.
    • Note: This trick cannot really be performed slowly. It looks best with a quick but fluid motion.[1]


  • A new deck of cards will be easiest to use. Old decks can have stuff on them that might make the cards stick, preventing a good flow.

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