How to Do Well at Craft Shows (Beginner)

A lot of work goes into making enough product to sell at a beginner craft show. In order to make sure you are successful, you need to plan ahead. Follow these steps to ensure you do well at craft shows (beginner).


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    Spend the money for the better booth.
    • Location at a craft show is key. Since the show coordinators know that, the better situated booths often cost more. The truth is, though, that it will likely be worth spending the extra money to be right in the heart of the show. Booths that are on the corner of two aisles or right in the front of the room are more frequented than booths that are situated in the back of the room or separate from an aisle. The more people that visit your booth, the better you will do at a local craft show.
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    Advertise a few special offers.
    • Advertise before the show and at the show to attract customers to your booth. Choose a popular item and discount it just for the show. You could offer a bundle deal such as a couple of items for a set price or offer a free item if a certain amount is spent. Special offers will always attract customers to your booth and will increase your sales at a craft show. Even if each customer only buys the sale item, the small purchases will add up to a larger bottom line for your craft show.
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    Have a good selection of items in every price range.
    • Even though more expensive items will make you more money off of one purchase, it isn't realistic to think that you will sell many of those items. You are more likely to make a sale if customers can see an array of prices they consider to be affordable. Offering many price ranges will increase the number of customers you will appeal to at a craft show.
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    Bring along help.
    • You can be more effective at selling your items at a craft show if you aren't doing it alone. Ask a friend or family member that knows your items well to come along to help run your craft show booth. That way you will never leave a customer unattended and can be sure to keep your booth running smoothly, which will increase your sales.
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    Engage the customers at the show.
    • Remember that selling your crafts is dependent upon the interaction you have with the customers. Customers are much more likely to buy from a vendor if they feel like they have a personal connection with them or that the vendor really takes a vested interest in them. Making eye contact and small talk with customers at the craft show can make a big difference in the amount you sell at your first craft show.

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