How to Do Your Part to Save the World

Become a world savior. A world savior works within his means for a happy world. A happy world is a world of love, peace and prosperity for all. Happiness of all people of the world must be the first goal of politics. No war, environmental protection and enough to eat are the first steps to this goal. The next step is to give the knowledge of the happiness research to the whole word and to build up a positive culture of love, peace and inner happiness. May the world be happy. May all world rescuers work together.


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    Take Action to End World Hunger. The number of hungry people has risen significantly in recent years: in 1990 there were about 822 million, in 2008 about 963 million people. On 19. June 2009 the BBC announced that now officially a billion people go hungry. That's about one of seven people on earth. Each year die about 8.8 million people, mostly children, from starvation, representing a death every 6 seconds. [1]
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    Take Action to Reduce Global Warming. Reducing your carbon and greenhouse gas emissions will not only make your personal living space more sustainable but it will also save you money in both the short- and long-term. Global warming is occurring more rapidly than it was originally expected to -- only forty years ago,[2] the big worry was global cooling. Even if you remain a cynic, however, and disagree with the consensus of scientists, you will benefit from reduced pollution, a more healthful lifestyle and increased savings from enacting simple activities that will not reduce the quality of your life.
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    Take action for peace. Peace is an essential component of a happy world. It is important that we manage to build a world of peace. A global disarmament is important. The great nations must work together positively for the good of all people. They must settle their conflicts peacefully. They must refrain from threatening each other with war. Because the threat of war could be a poker game that develops unpredictably.
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    Develop your own inner happiness. Only happy people can build up a happy world. Only positive people have the strength to go a long way up to the end. Only strong people can not be deterred by difficulties. Only clever people recognize the way in which they can achieve their goals. Only wise people live in the right balance of health, activity and rest, so that they do not consume their energy, but grow by the work for a happy world in their own inner happiness.
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    Pay It Forward. The world can seem like an unfriendly, threatening place, yet we all want safety, health, and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. How can one make a positive difference in this world? One way is the practice "paying it forward." While the steps might be simple, the outcome could change the world.
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    Sign petitions and write to Congresspeople about issues that are important to you. That is a great way to make your voice heard to somebody whose voice is heard by the world.


  • All people who want to develop their inner happiness should find a way to deal positively with the television. They should control their TV consumption, so that it does not destroy their inner happiness. The first step is to select the daily television broadcasts aware. Negative films we avoid. Positive films we prefer. The second step, it is to watch TV not too much. Happy people spend less than a fifth as much time watching TV than other people. The third step is to make our mind positive after every television watching.
  • It's the not who can recycle the most bottles or build the most houses for Habitat for Humanity. The little things count just as much.
  • Light = We move one hand, send light to all people in the TV and think: "I send light to ... May he get wisdom, compassion and love." What man has touched you today on TV particularly positive or negative? Clean the energetic connection through the light and a positive wish. Do this so long until there is harmony in your mind.
  • Happy World = We visualize the earth beneath us and rub it with your feet. We think the mantra, "May all people be happy. May the world be happy." We think to the many suffering on Earth. We connect us spiritually with the suffering of our fellow human beings.
  • Master = We visualize the enlightened masters (Jesus, Buddha, Socrates ...) in heaven above us. We rub the palms together and think: "Om all enlightened masters. I ask for guidance and help on my way." We feel how their energy flows with the mantra into us.
  • Read different views on world peace at World Peace Vision
  • Buddha / Goddess / Angel = We rub our hands before the heart chakra. We visualize ourselves as a Goddess (Buddha, Angel) and think, "I am a Goddess (Buddha, Angel) of love. I go the way of the positive."
  • Mantra Om = Put the hands in your lap, move the toes and think the mantra "Om" one minute in your belly. Stop one minute every thought. Relax. Go through your life positively.

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