How to Dominate Mario Kart Online Racing

After completing the Grand Prix and polishing your Time Trial times in Mario Kart, you find that there's nothing to do except one thing. Online Racing. It keeps you playing, and it's your source of fun. However, after beating some people and getting a good VR, you find you can't get any further. They keep beating you, and you never get anywhere. If so, you've come to the right place!


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    Know how to get your items faster. In Mario Kart, normally, when you hit an item block, you don't get your items instantly. The items spin like a slot machine, and after it stops, you get your item. This often takes a long time, and can cause frustration. However, you can speed up the slot wheel by repeatedly pressing the item button while the item wheel is spinning. If you do so, You'll get your item in just two seconds, which can be a lifesaver. For example, if you're about to get hit by a red shell, you can get an item box and rush the item, and you can use your banana, shell, horn or leaf to block the red shell.
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    Know when to drop out of a group. In online racing, quitting a group at the right time can save you, especially in Mario Kart 7 where your VR will give you a special unlock. Generally, there are two things that indicate that you should quit. If the people you're racing with are out of your league in either direction, quit because racing with beginners doesn't give you many VR points, while racing with experts will have you coming last in every race, and you'll lose your rating. If the players are too easy, feel free to keep playing, but it will take a long time to increase your VR. Also, you will risk losing more points from coming 12th-10th (8th and 7th in MK7). Furthermore, if your opponents are frequently choosing highly unskilled courses like Toad Circuit, N64 Luigi Circuit or Mario Kart Stadium, quit. Courses like Toad Circuit, N64 Luigi Circuit and Mario Kart Stadium are dependent on luck mostly, so getting a nice ranking won't happen every time.
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    Pay close attention to the cc rating in the course. When racing online, ever see the words 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc? In Mario Kart, this number indicates how fast your vehicle runs, with 50cc being the slowest. Although you'd think that this doesn't really matter, it does. When your vehicle is in 50cc, certain stunts in many of the courses don't work. Making jumps over off-road terrain becomes harder, and using mushrooms over terrain or voids becomes more difficult too. Additionally, the cc measurement affects how you jostle with other vehicles, which can make or break you. Generally, in modern games such as MK7 and MK8, you will race in either 100cc or 150cc.
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    Vote for your courses carefully. In online racing and especially in clan wars or tournaments, picking the right courses will give you the upper hand. In Mario Kart, each course has some reasoning behind it. There are a few types of courses out there, which will soon be explained. Also take note that in Mario Kart 8, you will be given a strict choice of 3 predetermined courses, and the selection of the random courses. The random courses will pick a random course, whether it is one of the preset 3 or not.
    • Front running Courses: These courses are most favored by pros. In this type of course, the route is generally tricky or long with little to no shortcuts, making it easy to get in first place and stay there. Some examples include (3DS) Piranha Plant Pipeway/Slide, Bowser's Castle, and Mount Wario. Take note though, that some courses are front running only in certain Cubic Centimeters. For example, Wii Mushroom Gorge is only a front running course in 50 or 100cc because the gap jump can be used in the other Cubic Centimeters.
    • Luck Courses: These courses are generally frowned upon by pros. As their name suggests, these courses mostly rely on item luck. Additionally, these courses usually have simple and short lines, making it easy for a beginner to stay near a pro. Courses include N64 Luigi Circuit, Toad Circuit, and Mario Kart Stadium.
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    Know where to place your items. When you get a banana, don't just throw it away the next second. Utilize it. In Mario Kart, the best place to put bananas is probably beside item boxes and on sharp turns, and places such as the Wiggler area in Wii Maple Treeway and the Yoshi Egg area in N64 Yoshi Valley. If you place it right, the banana will block your item, and opponents will drive into it, slowing them down. As said before, if there are no item boxes around, place them on dash panels, ramps, glider panels, blind corners, sharp corners, likely landing places from gliding or in front of a drafting opponent where it's hard to avoid them. Placing these items in the right place can be helpful because it slows down people who are trailing behind you wanting to get ahead of you, and it also creates a gap between you and the rest of the competition.
    • If you place items in these areas, there is still a chance that all the opponents will miss them. Be careful not to hit them yourself on the next lap if this happens.
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    Choose the right vehicle, wheels and glider. In online racing, this is another one of the most important tips of all time. If you are just beginning to race, consider vehicles that have nice weight, acceleration, and off road characteristics while off-setting drift, mini turbo, and speed. Doing these things will give you a beginner advantage, so you'll be prepared if something bad happens. However, if you're an expert and have had a long playing history, go ahead and choose the best of the best, which have the best speed, drift, and mini turbo while not considering anything else. This way, you can maximize your racing capabilities provided you don't fall off the track or hit terrain.


  • If you end up in a short course like SNES/N64 Rainbow Road or GBA Mario Circuit, try this. At the start, get yourself into last place just before the first set of item blocks. Afterwards, get an item box, which should contain a powerful item like a bullet bill. Race back up a few places, and after a while, use your item to rocket into first place. If you do this right, you'll be ahead of the game, sure to be the champion.
  • If you're willing to do so, try staying in second place for the beginning of the race. In online racing, blue shells are thrown in just about every race. Sometimes, if 1st place is lucky, they won't lose their ranking. However, sometimes, if it hits you in the last minute in Toad Circuit, then you're a goner. Be careful not to get in its way wither, whether it be the actual trail of the shell or the explosion.
  • In the beginning of a race, providing there is anti-gravity, don't play "spinny" games with other racers. If you do, chances are they will get the other player ahead of you, which will not end well if you were going for first place.


  • If you are in a bad ranking and you happen to pick up a nice item (like a Bullet Bill or Starman), don't wait until you catch up to the other racers to use it because chances are one of two things will happen. One, the player in last place uses lightning before you use your item, or two, someone jostles you off the track, making you lose your item.
  • If you get a Lucky 7/Crazy 8, be sure to immediately, and intelligently discard the Bob-Omb first. It's better wasting it than waiting to use it effectively and then getting hit by another player and losing your other items. Try quickly looking behind you and if the player behind you isn't insanely close to you, drop the bomb behind. Then use the rest of the items at your free will, and keep that star safe!

Things You'll Need

  • Mario Kart 7 or 8. Mario Kart Wii's online mode has been discontinued.
  • A 3DS or Wii U console
  • An Internet connection
  • A Nintendo Network Account (MK8)

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