How to Doodle During Class

It's another boring school day, and you've gotten a brand new notebook with a .05 mechanical pencil. What should you do? Doodling is an option, but your lecturing teachers are constantly on your backs for not paying attention. How do you get away with doodling? It's easy!


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    Figure out which class(es) you find most boring. You can even doodle during the entire school day if you're lucky.
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    Find a school notebook that is fairly empty. A few class notes from previous classes in the front works best. It makes it more believable that you weren't doodling.
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    Appear organized and ready to learn. Don't overdo this if you usually space out or are the "average" student, it'll make your teacher suspicious. When you arrive at your desk (preferably one near the back of the classroom), open your notebook to a clean page and have your pencil/pen in hand as if you are ready to take notes.
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    Participate at first. Answer a few questions or add on to the lecture the teacher's giving. Appear attentive for the first five minutes, then take your pencil and move slowly towards the clean page. Doodle, but don't overdo it. Every few minutes or however often you would like look up and nod as though you are understanding the lesson or let your eyes widen as though you were realizing that "that is how it worked". Then look down, pretend you are taking detailed notes, and continue.
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    Sit far away from the troublemakers or class clowns. The teacher is usually more focused on keeping an eye on them, and you do NOT want him/her to watch you so closely. You may want to get them to do something during class (if they don't already do things like throwing pencils at each other) and wait. The teacher will notice and maybe move the kids, but you'll be safe as you are far away from the direction of the teacher's attentive eyes. Experiment a bit. Try sitting close to your friends and doodle during class or sitting next to a complete stranger and doodle.
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    Doodle things you like, for example, your favourite cartoon character, Videogame character, etc. This may seem sad but it's actually quite fun if you're young at heart.


  • Biggest and most important thing: If you doodle in a sketch book you are just asking to get caught.
  • If you get your work done early, you may actually have a little time to doodle. Also, some teachers are nice enough to let you doodle when you have completed an assignment.
  • Doodle only if you want to. Don't do this to be a "rebel" or whatever you aren't. That's being a wannabe, and that is simply...*groans*
  • Do this a bit hesitantly at first if you have never done this before. If you dive right in, there is a chance you will fail. Experiment a few times, the living creatures called teachers aren't all the same.
  • You can write your notes in class, by doodle style (you can write whatever you need in bubbles and still doodle)!
  • Improvise or make your own set of directions and steps to do this.
  • You can also doodle about the things you are learning in class, so if the teacher were to catch you then at least it is class related. You can also say you're more of a "visual leaner", and find drawing about what you learn is better.
  • Depending on the teacher, if you doodle regularly, they might stop bothering to scold you about it.


  • Don't do this during a class in which you have to move around a lot.
  • Don't doodle inappropriate doodles or things that will get you in trouble. (i.e. things containing sex, nudity, swearing, murder, blood and gore, or weapons.)
  • Do not draw the teacher in bad way. Say you're drawing you're teacher as Godzilla, or as the tiniest person in the world and you're stepping on him/her...don't draw that. You could get caught.
  • If you are good or draw something interesting, people may look over your shoulder. For example, mindless hearts and stuff may not catch many eyes, but flipping over your handout and doodling a comic will have someone leaning over from the next row, and there goes your cover.

Things You'll Need

  • A notebook
  • A pencil (or something else to doodle with!)
  • A flat surface.
  • A hand or other limb used to hold a pencil/pen/other writing device.
  • A skill.
  • An ability to multitask, so you can look up, and look at your doodles

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