How to Draw a Baboon

Monkeys can be fun to include on party invitations and in wildlife drawings. This easy, step-by-step tutorial will help you learn to draw your very own baboon!


  1. Image titled Head Step 1 45
    Start with the head. Draw a circle and an oval for the dog-like muzzle. Add in guidelines for the face, connecting the shapes and a few where the eyes will be.
  2. Image titled Features Step 2 2
    Draw two small circles for the eyes and a line over that as shown. Sketch in the nose, mouth, and ears. Start adding fur if you'd like, around the back of the head and the snout.
  3. Image titled Body Step 3 12
    Draw an oval for the neck. Put a large circle below that, and a small oval for the posterior. Add in a relatively short, thick tail.
  4. Image titled Arms Step 4 3
    Draw two thin ovals for the arms. Shape the hands; give them long fingers gripping the ground as shown in the image.
  5. Image titled Legs Step 5 15
    Draw another set of ovals for each legs and a larger set of hand-like feet. The baboon's back right leg should be in front of the body and the left leg should be behind it, as though he's taking a step forward.
  6. Image titled Fur details Step 6
    Sketch in the outline. Finish filling in the fur. The back right leg should be the furriest, and there should be tufts on the stomach.
  7. Image titled Color Step 8 26
    Outline your baboon and add color. Use mostly brown or black (typical baboon colors) or in the pattern of Rafiki from The Lion King. Make sure no excess guidelines remain.


  • Color and outline your drawing. Make sure no excess guidelines remain.

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