How to Draw a Billy Goat

Goats are cute, amusing animals that are beloved by many and almost always the central point of petting zoos. This tutorial will help you draw a realistic billy goat.


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    Draw a circle with a horizontal guideline for the eyes and a smaller oval connected to the lower right part of the circle. These will become the head and jaw of the goat.
    • The jaw should be approximately one-third the size of the head, and tilting to the side as seen here.
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    Draw a tubular shape coming down from the left side of the head. Add a big oval at the end of the tubular shape. These will compose the goat's neck and body.
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    Add the legs. Draw two long, flat ovals on the front right side of the body to be the upper parts of the legs. Over the ends of the two flat ovals, add two more smaller, flat ovals. These will be the lower part of the legs. End each leg with two small, round ovals for the hooves.
    • Repeat those steps for the back legs, but at different angles.
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    Outline the goat. Make the head shape and neck like so. Add the long ears, two horns pointing backward, the left eye (because from his position only one eye can be seen) horizontal slit-shaped, small nose and a mouth.
    • You can put in additional details after this, like a beard under the jaw and wattles dangling from the left side of the neck.
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    Make the body. Continue with the neck and outline the shape of the body over the sketch. Finish up with the hooves.
    • Don't draw a smooth hard line; use short, light strokes to suggest hairs on the flanks and try to make the hooves distinctly hoof-shaped.
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    Outline your drawing with black ink. Erase any remaining pencil lines, and color if you wish.


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily rub out mistakes.

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