How to Draw a Cartoon Alligator Head

Want to brag about your drawing of an alligator to your friends? Well, stick with this article to find out how to draw a quick, simple, cartoon drawing of an alligator!


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    Start off your alligator with two small curves, and a slight curve between them. Those will be your gator's eyelids.
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    Create two ovals in the middle of each of your curves. (Except the small one in between) Inside the ovals, draw in two small circles, and fill them in. You've just finished your alligators eyes!
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    Make a long line from the left eye, as shown in the picture above. At the end of the line, make a tiny curve, and a little to the right, add another small curve. These are the alligator's nose. Now, make a line from the first part of the nose that you've made, and curve it around both nostrils and upwards, just like in the image above.
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    Make a curve at the top of the line you just finished. That is your gator's smile! After that, make a line starting at the left of your gator's smile, and do the same as done with the smile, or the mouth.
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    Make a slight curve until you reach the end of your paper. Then, start another line from your gator's chin, to the bottom of the paper. Finally, create little bumps or curves down your alligator's back to make his scales.
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    Whether you want to color in your alligator or not. Either way, you'll still have an amazing cartoon alligator to show your family and friends!

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