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Two Methods:Drawing an Oval-faced MonkeyDrawing a Round-faced Monkey

There's something about a silly monkey that brings a smile to your face. With these helpful instructions, you can draw a happy little monkey anytime, anywhere and a cute one at that.

Method 1
Drawing an Oval-faced Monkey

  1. Image titled CartoonMonkeyFace Ellipse&Circle 1
    Draw an ellipse and three circles on top of it.
  2. Image titled CartoonMonkeyFace Eyes&Nose 2
    Draw his eyes and nose. Draw his eyes by sketching an upside down number “3” and two little circles within it. Draw another “3” and two little circles again but make it smaller in order to create his nose. Erase also some inside lines on the ellipse to create his face.
  3. Image titled CartoonMonkeyFace Ears&Mouth 3
    Draw his mouth and the details of his ears. Draw his mouth by drawing a half-circle and a small circle inside it. For his ears, draw also two almost circles, one on the left side and the other on the right side.
  4. 4
    Outline your drawing with a black pen or marker.
  5. 5
    Feel free to create different expressions of the cartoon monkey like this one were his sticking his tongue out.
    • Add an expression where he's grinning from ear to ear.
  6. 6
    Color your drawings and you’re done. Color the monkeys brown or color them with any color you want.

Method 2
Drawing a Round-faced Monkey

  1. Image titled MNKY01.JPG
    Imagine two circles sitting on top of an oval. If you cannot imagine this arrangement, lightly sketch these shapes with a pencil and erase them after the next step.
  2. Image titled MNKY02.JPG
    Draw a line around the outside of this shape. You should have an oval with two lumps on top. Notice that there are three inward points, one at the top, one at the left and one at the right. If you chose to sketch the two circles and oval, erase any unnecessary lines now. Be sure to erase accordingly.
  3. Image titled MNKY03.JPG
    Draw a larger circular shape that just fits around your first drawing. This is the monkey's face.
  4. Image titled MNKY04.JPG
    Draw two circle shapes, one attached to each side of the face. These are the monkey's ears.
  5. Image titled MNKY05.JPG
    Draw a small oval type shape in the center of the monkey's face. This is the monkey's nose.
  6. Image titled MNKY06.JPG
    Draw two small vertical lines slightly above the nose. Notice that they look like the number "11". These are the monkey's eyes.
  7. 7
    Draw a mouth in the appropriate space. Experiment with different types of mouths. A short upward curve makes a good smile. Alternatively, try a small circle or broad line with creases on each end. Place the mouth higher or lower for different effects.
  8. Image titled MNKY07.JPG
    Finish the monkey by coloring. Add other interesting details to personalize your monkey.


  • You can try adding a body to the monkey by drawing a circle connected to the head and another smaller circle inside for the belly. Then draw small ovals or longer arms and legs (I like to make my drawings have stubby little limbs and fat bodies if it fits the animal. The way I do it makes it cuter for me, but I know that doesn't work for everyone). Then add a thin tail with a little curl.
  • Another fun thing to do is to cut your monkey out and tape/glue it to a popsicle stick! Make lots of these and you have your own puppet show!
  • You can also try drawing your monkey with different faces.
  • Also you can draw hair on the monkey.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil, pen or Permanent Marker
  • Color of some kind; colored pencils, markers, paint

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