How to Draw a Cello

The cello is a bass instrument of the string family. This tutorial will teach you how to draw one.


  1. Image titled Body Step 1 9
    Draw a rounded rectangular shape with a long rectangle for the finger board.
  2. Image titled Tunepegs Step 2
    Add a curve line on the sides of the rounded rectangle. Erase the previous lines and draw a shape like an ice cream cone at the bottom. This will serve as a tailpiece. Add small circles on the edge of the long rectangle above.
  3. Image titled Outline Step 3 10
    Make an outline for the sketches.
  4. Image titled Scroll Step 4
    Add the scroll on top of the fingerboard, a bridge in the middle of the cello's body and an S shape on each side
  5. Image titled Complete_outline Step 5
    Make small circles at the side of the scroll at the top for tuning pegs. This is where you tune your cello.
  6. Image titled Color Step 6 25
    Color the body a woody shade. This could be brown or maroon and grey on the fingerboard and tailpiece
  7. Image titled Cello Intro
    Add 4 lines from scroll to the tailpiece. These will be the strings. White lines are best, but black or grey work too.

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