How to Draw a Chipmunk

Have you ever wanted to draw your very own chipmunk? Well here are easy steps to draw that cute nut-loving squirrel!


  1. Image titled Body Step 1 20
    Draw these shapes for the whole body. An oval for the head, with circles/ovals for the cheeks. A small oval for the upper body and a large circle for the lower half. Sketch in guidelines.
  2. Image titled Arms legs and nut Step 2
    Draw 2 ovals for each arms and legs. Add in its cute hands holding a peanut.
  3. Image titled Details Step 3 7
    Sketch in facial features and fur. Draw an almond shape for the eye, small ovals for the ears and a cute small nose. Don't forget to add a cute fluffy tail!
  4. Image titled Outline Step 4 18
    Outline the chipmunk and erase guidelines.
  5. Image titled Color Step 5 22
    Color it in and you're done!

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