wikiHow to Draw a Cool Fashion Design

Ever dream about becoming a famous fashion designer with your name all over magazines and covers? The first step is learning how to create great fashion designs.


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    Think of a style for your fashion. Do you want your fashion to be casual? Dressy? Preppy?
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    Get a clear idea of what you want to draw in your head. If you're designing a dressy outfit, you could draw a blue glittery strapless gown that has a darker blue sash in the center (or something like that). Remember to include shoes and accessories (if any).
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    Start a sketch. Sketches are important to fashion designing because you want your idea on paper before you start doing the real thing. So, start sketching out your idea. It doesn't have to be perfect; it's a draft. Don't forget to add color!
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    Look over your sketch and see what could be improved. Jot down some notes on the side or just add to your sketch. Revising and editing is always important.
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    Start your final. Use your sketch to make an outline of your outfit and then add details. You can use any art material that you want, but it's not suggested to use watercolors for small details. Don't press hard with whatever your using. It'll make the drawing look stiff. The looser, the better.
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    Share it with the world. You can put it on designing sites or send it to friends. If they like it, you might be inspired to draw more.


  • Accept constructive criticism; it's meant to help you.
  • Look at magazines or outfits for inspiration.
  • Ask friends or family members for advice, tips, etc.


  • NEVER copy an outfit. It could be copyrighted and you could get into serious trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper and art supplies
  • Inspiration
  • The ability to draw
  • A site or friends to send your finished piece to

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