How to Draw a Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are known for their big ears. If you're tackling the task of drawing one, you want to get the features right. Start at step one to learn how!


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    Start with a blank piece of paper that is positioned vertically.
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    Make the outline.
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    Add detail to the ears and the top of the head.
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    Erase all unnecessary lines on the face. Add curved lines going downward from the eyes.
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    Add the snout and nose. It works best if you use the lines that you made earlier to position the snout and nose (also add fade lines on the face as shown in the picture).
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    Add a jagged line going from ear to ear and some extra shading on the face.
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    Darken the outlines on the face.
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    Darken the outline on the rest of the fox as well.
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    Add the feet.
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    Erase the lines from your outline. Darken the tail outline and add shading under the neck, on the tail, and the front and hind leg.
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    Darken the entire outline even more, also adding more fur lines throughout.
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    Color the eyes. Any color will do but the picture shows them as a dark brown also shade the hind leg.
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    Get a light gray (very light) and color the face, neck, most of the front legs, and a large portion of the hind leg and back (use picture for reference).
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    Color the tail and shoulder with a deep orange-brown. Also add it more lightly on parts of the front and hind leg.
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    Using a light yellow/tan color in the remaining areas, and also add a grayish-pink to the inner ears.
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    Finish shading to complete your picture.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencils
  • Eraser

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