How to Draw a Fireplace

Ever wondered how to draw a warm and cozy fire? Read on to find out!


  1. Image titled Wall Step 1
    Floor/Background: Start by drawing a line for where the floor and the wall meet.
  2. Image titled Type Step 2 3
    Type: Think of a type of fireplace. Round (Recommended)or Square.
  3. Image titled Supporters Step 3
    Supporters: Draw the bottom (supporters) of the fireplace by drawing bricks in an even row on both sides.
  4. Image titled Sides Step 4
    Sides: Draw the sides coming up from the supporters and make them meet up together in the middle.
  5. Image titled Stones Step 5
    Stones: Fill them up with stones (not evenly but in rows).
  6. Image titled Slab Step 6
    Top: Draw a top for it by drawing a stone or brick slab (rectangular) on top of where the supporters meet.
  7. Image titled Shading Step 7
    Shading: Shadow right under the slab on the supporters.
  8. Image titled Wood Step 8
    Wood: To make a warm fire inside, draw a small stack of wood or twigs(include both).
  9. Image titled Fire Step 9
    Fire: Draw a light fire (not a bonfire) in sections on top of the wood.
  10. Image titled Accesories Step 10
    Optional(recommended): Draw accessories on top of the slab. Pictures Frames, Candles, Mini Christmas Trees.
  11. Image titled Color Step 11 2
    Coloring: Stones and Bricks: Red/Mahogany. Trees: Green. Fire: Orange/Red. Picture Frame: Red/Green/Brown/Yellow/Blue. Candle: Yellow (Candle holder)/White (Wick). Floor: Brown(recommended)/White. Wall: Brown/Red/White/Violet/Mahogany.
  12. Image titled Finishing Step 12
    Going Over Edges: Last go over the edges with a black pen, marker, or colored pencils.


  • Always sharpen your pencil as often as you can.
  • Always have an eraser.
  • Avoid rushing through your work.
  • Draw softly.

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