How to Draw a Genie

Genies are believed to be mystical beings that grant you 3 wishes if you rub the lamp where he dwells. To draw a genie, follow these 10 easy steps!


  1. Image titled Guide Step 1 3
    Sketch a guide for the hat, head and torso. Create a cross on the face as your reference for the center of the face and eyes
  2. Image titled Arm_guide Step 2
    Sketch six ovals as guide for the arms and hands.
  3. Image titled Smoke_guide Step 3
    Draw a sketch of a smoke-like shape below the torso.
  4. Image titled Outline_above Step 4
    Outline the upper part of the body.
  5. Image titled Outline_below Step 5
    Outline the lower part of the body and add an outline for the belt.
  6. Image titled Face Step 6 1
    Draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Draw the eyebrows black and thick. The eyes should be slanted on the outside and round on the inside. Make the nose appear to be a little pointed but don't make it sharp. The ears need to be a little pointed too and not too sharp.
  7. Image titled Erase Step 7
    Erase all the sketch lines.
  8. Image titled Fill Step 8
    Fill in with colors. Fill the turban with light gray, the body with green and the belt with blue.
  9. Image titled Detail Step 9 1
    Add more details. Add a blue jewel on the turban by drawing an oval on it. Add a few lines to the ears. Create two dark circles for the eyes then add two white dots on the upper right side. Draw a W shaped line on the chest and two dots above it.Draw a bigger dot on the navel.
  10. Image titled Tweak Step 10
    Tweak it a bit. Tweak the drawing by adding shadows.

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