How to Draw a Giraffe

Two Methods:A Sketch-Style GiraffeA Cartoon Giraffe

This is a simple tutorial on how to draw a giraffe. Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. They use their height to browse on leaves and buds (acacia species are their favorites) in treetops. Giraffes inhabit many countries in Africa.

Method 1
A Sketch-Style Giraffe

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    Draw a triangle and a line.
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    Add two rectangles.
  3. Image titled Draw a Giraffe Step 17 preview
    Add three rectangles.
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    Add three more rectangles and add some lines around the shapes. Add a small triangle on the top.
  5. Image titled Draw a Giraffe Step 19 preview
    Draw lines around some of the rectangles to mark the legs. Draw the tail and some details around the head. Draw the eyes too.
  6. Image titled Draw a Giraffe Step 20 preview
    Add all the needed details. This surely looks like a giraffe now!
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    Erase unnecessary lines.
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    Color the drawing. Use black, light and darker brown.

Method 2
A Cartoon Giraffe

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    Draw an oval for the head.
  2. Image titled 315216 10
    Draw curves with sharp edges for the mouth section and ears.
  3. Image titled 315216 11
    Draw circles attached to the head with curves to make the giraffe’s projecting horns.
  4. Image titled 315216 12
    Draw eyes and nostrils with ovals and curves for the eyebrows and mouth.
  5. Image titled 315216 13
    Draw the long neck of the giraffe by making two vertical curve lines
  6. Image titled 315216 14
    Draw two ovals (a big and small oval) attached to one another for the body.
  7. Image titled 315216 15
    Draw four elongated trapezoids for the legs.
  8. Image titled 315216 16
    Draw thin rectangles below each of the trapezoids drawn previously.
  9. Image titled 315216 17
    Draw ovals for the feet of the giraffe.
  10. Image titled 315216 18
    Draw an oval with a sharp edge attached to a curve for the tail.
  11. Image titled 315216 19
    Based on the outline, draw the giraffe
  12. Image titled 315216 20
    Draw the details of the giraffe such as the spots , short main, and tail details.
  13. Image titled 315216 21
    Erase the unnecessary outlines.
  14. Image titled 315216 22
    Color your giraffe!

Things You'll Need

  • Papers
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Erasers
  • Felt pen acrylics or crayons
  • Oil pastels if you choose

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