How to Draw a Goat

Do you love drawing? Do you love farm animals? Well now you can learn how to draw a cute farm animal in just minutes! People of all ages will enjoy this great activity. Drawing goats on cards and invitations etc. adds an artistic touch and individuality.


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    Draw a big elongated oval about 1/2 up the page from the bottom that is slightly slanted to the right.
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    Horns: Draw two upside-down V’s connected on top of the oval for the horns.
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    For the ears, draw two small horizontal ovals on either side of the large oval just below the horns and connect them to the head. Draw one even smaller oval inside of each small oval.
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    When drawing the eyes, draw two small half circles that are touching with their bases facing down inside the big oval from step 1. Make sure the circles are near the top.
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    Put a dot inside of each half circle for the pupils.
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    For nostrils, Draw two dots an equal width apart inside the oval you drew in step 1 but towards the bottom of it.
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    Draw a small line connected to the bottom right inside of the oval that goes diagonally up to create a mouth.
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    Beard: Draw a small upside down elongated wavy triangle without a base on the outside of the goat’s head where his chin would be. Connect it to the big oval.
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    Neck: Draw a small rectangle slanted down and to the right diagonally connected to the goat’s head. Then erase the ends of the rectangle so you are left with two lines. On one side the lines will connect to the goat’s head and on the other the lines will connect to his body.
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    Body: Draw a big oval starting at the top line of the neck and ending at the bottom line of the neck.
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    Tail: Put your pencil on the uppermost right part of the body and draw another upside-down V and connect the opening to the body.
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    Legs: Strategically draw four vertical lines connected to the bottom of the body. They should all be the same length and do not touch one another.
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    Hooves: Turn your paper upside down so the ends of the legs point up. Draw two little triangles on the end of each leg. Each pair of triangle should share one base.
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    Turn your paper right side up. Trace everything in black marker.
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    If you did not trace perfectly then you can erase the left over pencil marks giving you a more finished look.
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    Color in the goat using colored pencils or markers. There are no set colors you must use but blacks, browns, tans and grays look most natural.
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    Feel free to draw a background.
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    Now that you know how to draw a goat I hope that you continue to draw. The more you practice the better you will get. So, next time you get an urge to draw try perfecting your skills or drawing something new for the first time. Stimulating your mind through drawing is a great way to stay sharp and relieve stress.


  • Use good quality materials.
  • Take your time.
  • Use a pencil for steps 1 through 12 just in case you make a mistake.
  • The size of paper you choose depends on how large you draw your goat.
  • Draw on a flat surface.


  • It may take more than one try to get a good drawing
  • Permanent markers can stain clothing and your work station so use washable markers.

Things You'll Need

  • White paper
  • Pencil w/ a good eraser
  • Black marker
  • Colored pencils
  • Washable Markers

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