How to Draw a Horse Saddle

Learn how to draw a horse saddle following these few simple steps! It might look complicated but it really isn't.


  1. Image titled Shape Step 1 4
    Draw a half-circle shape. Have the round part of the saddle be pointing downwards, as shown.
  2. Image titled Shape2 Step 2
    Draw a second half-circle shape overlapping the first. Next to this sketch in a smaller, teardrop-like shape to serve as the base of the grip.
  3. Image titled Grasp Step 3
    Draw a bone-like-shape for the grip. This should be coming straight off the front of the saddle, so don't hesitate to draw it boldly.
  4. Image titled Sadle Step 4
    Draw a banana-shaped form on top of the half circles. This will serve as the seat itself. Also add a portion to the top of the grip.
  5. Image titled Legcover Step 5
    Draw a curvy "W" for the fender. Add stretched drop shapes for the stirrups.
  6. Image titled Rest Step 6
    Make the base of the stirrup by drawing two parallel sections. These should connect the sides of the stirrup so a foot could rest in it comfortably.
  7. Image titled Paint Step 7 6
    Use different shades of brown to color in your saddle. Alternately you can use bright colors and decorations, if you're putting the saddle on a flamboyant show horse--the overall look is up to you!


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily rub out mistakes.

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