How to Draw a Salamander With Flames

Do you know the myth of the salamander? Well, the myth is that they are born in flames. If it's true, this picture is dead on! This is not that easy of a "how to", but it shouldn't be too hard.


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    Draw the hands. Start out by drawing a short thin line, make a little circle at the end of it and that's a finger. From where you started the line, make one more the start of the first line.
    • Draw a line just like the first finger only just below the second finger, and make sure that you make a little slack on the line.
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    Draw the Arm. from the start of the first and second finger.
    • Draw a line coming out from each line used by the 1st and 2nd finger to make the arm, there should be space between the lines.
    • Draw a little muscle. From both sides of the arm, draw a muscle, small.
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    Draw hand #2.
    • Repeat the last two steps only a little higher, finger number one(hand 1) should intercept with finger three(hand 2).
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    From both of the arms, make the body, make it long and some-what curvy.
    • Below the arms: make a round dip and then go out, also make sure that both are round.
      Image titled Draw a Salamander With Flames Step 4Bullet1
    • At the bottom of the of the last round bump, make the legs, start with a little a tiny tiny dip, then make a straight drop. from the drop, make a small line like the first, only make it a little round, at the end of the line make the toe by a little circle. Do the same step from the start of the first toe-line, only the second should be curved, slightly, as to be bending his toe. The 3rd toe is the same as the 2nd, although the bend is more of a drop.
    • What, another leg!?!?! No, just a curvy line just above the first leg.
    • For the back of the leg: just do the same as the front of the leg, go up a little, then make a little bump upside-down.
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    Draw the tail.
    • Make a tiny little curve from the end of the leg, then make a flat line about the size of the first finger line.
    • From the line, go up with a curve, and then make it a little flat, then do a curve in, then an other flat, then do a hook-like curve, you're done! With the back side of the tail......
    • Okay, going on the other side is easy, just do the exact same thing, like, if you did a bump in on the inner side(the side you jut did), you do a bump-out on the back side(the side you are doing now), but flat is always the same.
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    Going up from the arms:
    • Make a Bump out, Then one in. Easy!
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    The Head: (From the bump in)
    • Make a little flat line, about the size of 2/3 of the line used for the finger. Then at the end of that line, make a curve up, the head is short 'a shaped like a bean. Curve in, like a slope, then go up again, like a bean.
    • Connect with the other side and you are done with the head/body.
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    Details Count:
    • Make a mane-like thing running from the bottom of the Bump out right before his head, and start a line from there, go and split his body in half with the line, the bottom half is the Mane-like part, cool, eh?
      Image titled Draw a Salamander With Flames Step 8Bullet1
    • Make the eye, almost touching the top of his head, at the top of the bean part, draw a little eye, big enough so you can color it.
    • Next, the flames on his back, do a flame design on the top part of his body, going from the top of the bean to the hook of his tail.
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    • Putting a large design for the background can be time consuming, so the flame background is optional.
    • Make a large flame design Around him, this must be one piece and make sure that there is nothing closing it, make the bottom open, then, like layers behind the flame, make an other flame but make it so just the points of the flame are showing, they should over look the first layer and should not be seen under the first layer of flames.(from here-on, will be called the active layer).
    • Make the next layer, make little flame layers on the active one, so there should be little flames atop the active and the same, no closing them.
    • So, the salamander should look like he is standing in a large flame.
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    • Color only the active layer.
    • Colored the salamander's main black, and make it very dark, and go over it with a light coat of white to make it look even cooler. Color the flame design on the body yellow and orange and go over that with white too.
    • Color the body with a light coat of grey, black and white.


  • Experiment with colors, something like blue flames would look great too.
  • This is for a small picture, not a large one, you can adapt it.
  • For a good design, color the active layer of the flame only, go over the edges of it with a red and the inside of it with an orange. Add a shadow around the flames that curves to make it look like a distant layer and do them with a layer of orange, then grey, then orange, then grey, the white.
  • Putting white over things makes it look shiny or metallic.
  • Don't color the little flames over the active, and don't color right up to the shadow flames and leave a little white aura around the shadows.


  • This takes a while to do, so keep it safe, because if it gets ruined, well...

Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Black pencil
  • Yellow pencil
  • Orange pencil
  • Red pencil
  • Grey pencil
  • White pencil
  • Paper

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