How to Draw a Stick Figure

Two Parts:Basic BodyFace

There are many times that you would like to illustrate a page or tell a story without using too many words. Stick figures can be modified depending on how you want to use them. Start with the basic figure, then make changes as you go along. Learning the art of creating and using them will open up a new and long line of art.

Part 1
Basic Body

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    Draw a circle for the head.
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    Draw a cross connected to the head.
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    Draw two legs branching from the bottom of the cross. On the cross make sure the horizontal line is shorter than the vertical line.

Part 2

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    Draw a curve or a straight line at the lower half of the circle. If you want teeth, draw two triangles sprouting from the line.
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    Draw two eyes. You can draw:
    • A dot. It's the fastest way.
    • Two circles with a dot in the middle.
    • Two merged eyes to show fear or surprise.
    • Dollar signs ($) and hearts can replace pupils to show expressions.
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    Draw a dot for the nose.
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  • Experiment with other types, other figures.
  • Note that not all stick figures that you might want to add to a story have to be just lines as those above. They can be more determined, and yet not more defined. You do not have to know how to be an artist to add figures to your story. Stick figures can come in any shape and style.
  • You cannot possibly make a mistake, by making your own impressionable stick figure.
  • Stick figures aren't just straight lines and one circle-stick figures can be curved too. Curved lines like a hunched back, or swinging arms, can add more emotion to your stick figures. Each stick figure is unique.
  • Learning the basic stick figure and expanding on it, can add interest to your words.
  • Use stick figures as a way of telling a story. By linking many together, in different stances, or movements, they can express their meaning with little or a lot of words draw talking bubbles for the words.

Things You'll Need

  • Writing implement
  • Paper
  • Eraser (optional)

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